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Pan Am Boeing 747-121 Clipper Juan T. Trippe, final livery

Pan Am Boeing 747-121 Clipper America, original livery

Pan Am Boeing 747SP Clipper

Boeing 747 238 B, VH-EBC – 162, City of Sydney, QANTAS Airways 1973.

1/200 Hasegawa, this is the first model I started building when I resumed modeling, took a few years to finish, painted with Dulux, MM and Humbrol enamels with Future over Red Roo decals.

As long as we're talking about jacks....

Here's one of 747-100's on jacks for a retraction check at the Los Angeles maintenance base just before we retired the Whales in 1999. These normally weren't done outside unless the hangars were full, which was probably the case here. [...]

Air Force One 747 GOLD (2017)

New Air Force One 747 is rumored to be solid gold! Made by BoingFinland this is the widest body design used so far. Solid gold engines, too. 24k. No fake news here. Model is an egg size item. Good cholesterol, plenty of protein.

Boeing 747-8 (Revell, scale 1/144)

Hello, dear colleagues! I present to you one of my recent projects. The quality of the kit is high. The only disappointment is the way of fixing of the engine turbines. The front fans are actually designed to rotate in the kit, but this [...]

747 and Enterprise Orbiter 1979 ALT version

This is one of those models that I always wanted to build. I found the 1/100th scale Tamiya Orbiter model at a hobby shop in Florida. I ran into the 747 a couple of months later and picked it up right away. I can't remember who makes it, [...]

1/72nd scale Boeing 747

I really enjoy building models of commercial aircraft, and couldn't resist when I stumbled upon this Aircraft in Miniature (ex Transport Wings) vacform of the iconic Boeing 747... in yes... you read correctly... 1/72nd scale. The kit I [...]

Revell 1/144th Boeing 747-400 ‘Virgin Atlantic’

This model was completed a couple of months back and was built out of the box, more or less. The only thing I did work on was the nose profile, which was improved with Milliput by building the area above the cockpit windows up slightly. [...]