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Me I'm going with this one!

May 24, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 11 · 1.6K

I still love this box top, and built it still looks "good enough". I built one about 43 years ago,and loved it! Accurate, nope, fun...yep! That and the 1/25 Tiger I, because sometimes you need to stop being so darned serious!

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  1. I had one too! Must have been 35 years ago.
    Did the yellow ribbon with nothing but a brush. It got wider and wider each time I circled the fuselage.

  2. Hell Yes! That was the first 1/32 kit I had ever built. I was 9/10 years of age. Bought it from the T.S.S. Department store in Levittown. It was the box art that really grabbed me then as it still does now.

  3. Rob,
    I built this one Many years ago and loved it. I have old photos of it but as for the model itself I have no idea where it wound up. It was one of early kits I did when I came back to modeling. There is a pretty major boo boo with the kit but I will leave that to others to point out. I also built the early Spitfire by Revell and loved it.

  4. yep I did also and I crashed into the cat

  5. Yes Frank there are a couple of big boo bos in the kit, I think Large Scale Planes have a good article on it if I recall, but I love all those old Revell kits. My favorites are the P-40 and the Corsair.

  6. Yep, old school Revell 1/32 kits were/are great! I've got the Seafire and Me 262 in the stash, but remember building the Fw 190D long nose and the Me 262B Nightfighter. Happy days 🙂

  7. you really know the the way to an old mans heart

  8. That will be a fun build! It's a nifty older kit. With a few minor changes/additions it can look pretty sharp IMHO. Matter of fact I've been looking for one to do a quickie build. Good luck and I know it will turn out nice!

  9. That box art also inspired me, very many moons ago! Fond memories of this kit. I think the surface engraving on this kit was years ahead of it's time, when it first hit the shop shelves.

  10. I built this one, along with the Spitfire and P-40, when it first came out as a Bf-109F. Got another one on the pile I've been trying to detail and correct for the last 15 years.

  11. Rob,

    Love your posting here, it really does bring back memories. I made that kit, and I think it was one of the last models I built before getting an airbrush. Did it as a JG54 aircraft with a scheme I found in William Green's book "The Augsburg Eagle". I think the box art was done by Jack Leynwood, who did a lot of the early Revell art. Some years later I made it again, as an aircraft of the Ilmavoimien, the Finnish Air Force, and did a certain amount of modification/correction to it, based on John Beaman's book "The Last of the Eagles". The rear fuselage length is the main problem. I still have this model, and am going to post it one of these days. Thanks for sharing this!

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