Revell of Germany 1/48th OOB Westland Wessex HAS Mk3

May 30, 2014 · in Aviation · · 22 · 3.3K

Hi Guys, this is my latest build, not the most nicest of kits but not too bad and pictured along side the kit which is much better in my humble opinion.

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  1. Alright Andy,I've never been a big fan of helicopters as a subject but I've always loved the look of these beauties, so big and heavy looking,congrats on a couple of impressive builds.

  2. What wasn't nice about it...? Looks pretty nice to ME!

  3. Nice build Andy. I'm not a big Helo fan either but as you pointed out ugly can be kind of attractive.

  4. I think you've done a good job with that Wessex, Andrew, it makes for an impressive model.

  5. Looks great to me! Love those Navy colours. Isn't the Wessex similar to the Whirlwind? I've got it in my head that there are two very similar helos with different names?

  6. Great Build Andy, big an ugly just how i like em 😉

  7. Very nice! I'm busy with the 1/72 Wessex, a model of "Humphry" a Wessex helicopter that flew some very challenging and dangerous missions in the Falklands. The 1/72 is a good kit, Italeri make some great 1/72 and 1/48 scale helicopter kits. These family of Sikorski designed helicopters spanned the period from the piston engined era, (the Whirlwind) to the turbine era, (Wessex) the turbine engine heralding the coming of age of the helicopter as the far better power to weight ratio of the gas turbine, transormed them into really capable machines as we know them today. I wonder how many lives have been saved by helicopters up to now? The SAAF Museum had a piston engined S55, it was strange hearing a helicopter with a big radial engine beat and puffing out clouds of smoke on startup! The Wessex was basically the Whirlwind with a turbine engine conversion. It was also one of the first helicopters fitted with autostabilisation, drastically reducing the workload on the pilot. Very basically, the pilot could let the cyclic control stick go, and the helicopter will smoothly return to and hold the last attitude it was trimmed to maintain. Helicopters of "flingwings" are great, it is after all far more sensible to stop and land, the to land and try to stop!

  8. Thanks James, yeah very clever machines

  9. Nice clean build. I'm surprised more builders don't try a helo model, they can be colorful, even as a military aircraft. Nice paint scheme, Andrew, of two remarkable flying machines.

  10. Love your work. I've not done a helicopter, but looking at this one I'm very tempted. Wonderful colour scheme too. Great job. 🙂

  11. Andrew,
    Good, bad, or indifferent, you did a marvelous job on this. Helicopters are like bumble bees. They also defy logic and appear to not be designed to not fly.

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