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Another 48th Scale Monogram F-8 Fan

July 31, 2014 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.9K

I bult this model some time ago, but it is still one of my favorites. The panel lines are pencil and the kit is built basically out of the box. Lots of decal work and some light weathering. The seat is resin.

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  1. Stunning. Fantastic build and finish.

  2. Superb build, Jack! I love the Crusader, and you really turned the old - but still very good - Monogram kit into a show-stopper. In particular, I really like your inert Sidewinders!

  3. Beautiful work, Jack...looks like you spent a lot of time detailing, but was well worth the effort. I love it!

  4. Nice work, Jack! I remember really wanting this kit to be released way back when.

  5. This is really great. Nice choice of markings.

  6. Not easy to strike the right note with weathering. You definitely did!

  7. Jack,
    Fantastic job on what appears to be an iModeler favorite! Easy to see when it is as good as yours is. Many thanks!

  8. Thanks Robert, I liked yours as well. Monogram has proven to be a favorite provider of excellent kits over the years.

  9. This is a mighty fine looking Crusader - great work!

  10. Beautiful F8 Jack. I don't have one to add, but I hope you guys do start a "Cascade of Crusaders",

  11. Looks great Jack, just great.
    Thanks for showing.

  12. Another great build of a Monogram classic! The last RF-8 squadron (F-8s were long gone) decommissioned a few months after I joined the Navy, so I never got to see any in person, but man what a jet!

  13. very nice job - just reiterating what everyone else says, but those Monogram kits really are great. And you did a stellar job on it - hard to believe that is OOB. I'm not a jet guy, but I really love the look of this one. I don't think F-8s will have the momentum of the P-40 avalanche from earlier, but you guys are giving it a go!

  14. I like the scheme on this bird Jack! At first it looks kind of boring with just the fuselage band until you make your way around the side and the strakes flash their star-spangled blue out from underneath! The sidewinder training rounds add some nice color to it as well. (They really did them up like circus wagons back in the day!) Did this bird not have VIS numbers on the wing? I see another rash of planes coming similar to the P-40 epidemic that blazed its way through here last month! (I like the usual variety of headlines, but it's also neat to see different peoples rendition of the same plane! It does seem there are as many ways to build a model as there are people! You never know what'll pop up when you log on! I love this site!)

  15. Another very nice Crusader, Jack, your pencilled-in panel lines are especially neat.

  16. Well done, Jack. I believe you're starting to get the hang of

  17. Jack,
    I am at a loss to add any other praise that has not already been stated. You will just have to settle with OUTSTANDING.

  18. A question. When you said "The panel lines are pencil and the kit is built basically out of the box." Did you sand the raised panel lines and draw them in, or did you just highlight the raised detail with pencils? Thanks

  19. Hi David...I sanded the raised panel lines off. Then I got a really good set of 3-view drawings and used them as a guide for the pencil work. I think it works better for me than describing.

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