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Ducati 916Tamiya 1/12 scale

August 16, 2014 · in Automotive · · 22 · 2.9K

This is the latest motorcycle kit I've finished, 's scale kit of the famous 916.

The prototype was first shown at the 1993 Milan motor show, and was instantly hailed as a design classic, and has certainly been a major influence in motorcycle design since.

The kit is a typical Tamiya product, no major problems as long as you follow the instructions. It's finished in Tamiya's spray Italian Red, and their acrylics were used elsewhere.

If you want to know more please look at the WIP in the new Automotive Group.

Thanks for looking.

Reader reactions:
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22 responses

  1. Nice work as usual, got a way with them bikes!

  2. Very nice George, a real beauty. What is next?

  3. Another excellent job, George. Just beautiful !

  4. Great job! I like this one

  5. Lovely finish George.


  6. Stunning George, as normal.
    Great work and finish.

  7. Lovely work on an iconic bike George. I only just noticed the work in progress article you did on it the other day! Ducati's do seem to have a very different engine design and frame compared to the Japanese sports bikes, which is evident in your build stages. Will you be doing more road bikes now?

    I'm in my new house and have got my gear out of storage. Work on the next R1 is underway, but I'm converting it into a race bike for something a bit different. No idea how it is going to turn out! Good or bad it should be posted in a couple of weeks.

    Stunning work as always George, your an inspiration to all of us bike modelers!

  8. What a gem, George! Your work is always first rate and the subject matter is obviously something you know well. Thanks for sharing another beauty.

  9. Always good to see a WIP make it to the headlines.
    Outstanding work as usual.

  10. fabulous work george...but i must ask ...why so many red ones

  11. Nice Duck ya got there doc...That seat looks a mite hard though...I'm a V-Twin man too...

  12. Nice Duck ya got there doc...That seat looks a mite hard though...I'm a V-Twin man too...

  13. Looks flawless- great job George.

  14. That is a beautiful model George, the kind of bike I used to dream of riding one day.It's probably a good thing that dream never came true...

  15. Beautiful George! I want a real one just like, no, make that, I "need" one just like that.:)

  16. Beautiful work, George. An inspiration.

  17. Thanks very much for all your kind comments, guys. Jack, what's next?Well I've got to finish the tank I'm building for the group build...
    Bob, I guess I like Ducatis, and I think they look best in red!

  18. Nice bike. I love the great flawless paint jobs you get on your bikes George. Well done.

  19. Nice clean build, lots of eye appeal.

  20. George,
    I remain in awe.

  21. What a beauty George - fantastic. Love this Ducati

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