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August 8, 2014 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.7K

THEY ARE RELEASING AN MH-60S! How's that? Don't usually do new product announcements, but saw this on Cybermodelle.r I am very excited about this release because my last squadron in the USN was HSC 21, had my name painted on the doghouse of 71 since I spent so much time as "acting" Command Master Chief" (hence the CMC II). I cannot wait!

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  1. Is that in 1/35?

  2. Yes, I would prefer 1/48 since my "bucket list" is "all the aircraft I worked on in the Navy" but hey I'll take it since this completes the list 1/48 E-2C, S-3B, C-2A and 1/35 MH-60S.

  3. That'll make an excellent addition to the "fleet"...lookin' forward to your build.

  4. oh boy...your having a field

  5. That's very cool! Keep us posted as you go!

  6. Sweet, I wonder if there is anyone else out there that has built an aircraft or whatever and had their name on the decals.
    Nice one Rob.

  7. The late and much missed Phil (Bondo Phil) Brandt was a USAF Navigator and his name is(was) on the decals of the Monogram 1/48 F-111. He was a regular on HyperScale and numerous outstanding models came out of "Bondo Industries Difficult Kit Division".

    • I did get close once. When Academy released their Desert Storm Bradley, I was surprised to see the vehicle on the cover was: A31,
      from the 1st Battalion 7th Infantry 3rd Infantry Div. Those are the markings for my M113 in 1978-79, when I was the 3rd Plaltoon Leader in A Company 1/7 Inf, in Aschaffenberg Germany. Never served on Bradleys and was an Air Traffic Controller in Indianapolis during Desert Storm.

  8. I always enjoyed Bondo's posts no kit was ever "unbuildable" to Phil. As for names on planes, I also had my name on the E-2C I was plane captain for in VAW 124, and then when I was in VRC 30 Det 3 as Leading Chief I got my name on our "CAG" bird. Still need to get a Hawkeye, waiting for the Kinetic kit to go on sale, then find VAW 124 circa 1988-90 era decals. I figure I will have to cobble together my name from
    lettering sheets for all of them.

  9. Hey Rob, I know the feeling when a kit is released and get stoked over it, and that would be the HH-60H, my unit HCS-5 stood up in 1989. So when Italeri issued a somewhat Hotel model though it was still and SH-60. Then Italeri issued an SH-60B in 48th scale finally I can convert that kit to an H with Cobra's conversion set, then yaaay! Skunk models issued a genuine HH-60H yet still not 100 % still it was the closest to the actual variant I flew in. So yeah I feel ya! And I miss Bondo Phil, his humor and his love for this hobby. Bless his soul.


    • YES ON BONDO PHIL. I got to be an IPMS/USA Judge with him at the annual contest in Phoenix, AZ in 2010. We had known one another for years by going to the annual contest. I think he passed away while he and his wife were on a vacation over in Europe.

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