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Academy MH-60S 1/35

Hello from Viet Nam ! Finally... after 2 years on and off I've managed to finish this. The kit is Academy MH-60S, this is a rebox of UH-60 by Academy hreleased years ago. There are new sprues and decal for the MH-60s. The new sprure carry nice [...]

Hasegawa 1/72nd SH-60B USN HSL-43 Battlecats Desert Shield

It's late December 1990, Lt Cdr Jack Morris and Lt Diego Juarez have been patrolling the Persian Gulf for the last 3 weeks. Activity has increased recently as the Brits farther North have encountered several suspected blockade runners trying[...]

Hasegawa 1/72nd SH-60B Seahawk USN HSL-41

As a former "rotor head" in the US Navy, I had been accumulating a few Navy helo kits to the stash. Back in the early 90's there were plenty of Blackhawks but not much in the Seahawk variants until Hasegawa produced this kit in their 72nd ser[...]


THEY ARE RELEASING AN MH-60S! How's that? Don't usually do new product announcements, but saw this on Cybermodelle.r I am very excited about this release because my last squadron in the USN was HSC 21, had my name painted on the doghouse of 71[...]

Italeri 1/48 SH-60J Seahawk

Hello All! Here is my Italeri 1/48 scale SH-60 Seahawk finished in Japanese colors. Although I am not as pleased with this one as I am with my OH-58D, a great man once told me, " I know where all the mistakes are, but I won't tell you!" I h[...]