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Chevy 15CWT.. Now this is how I would have done it..

September 19, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 34 · 6K

Well it seems we are back at the factory again. The order was in for a all terrain, sand/mud vehicle that could transport between ten troops or a crew of five plus a heavy load of cargo, using the existing trucks we had at hand. This is where my warped mind went. This could have never been done except the Goodyear tire company sent us these tires to test. Now to what I did. The tires come from those Monster truck toys.
But the rest of the model is very much a straight forward build. I did a bit of a experiment
and covered the entire cargo cover with a very thin nylon material. I liked the way the texture turned out. See last photo. I do take these adventures into the land of "What did Steve do now" ...Anyway, I hope you like the madness.

California Steve

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  1. I like this what if Steve. A bigfoot in WW II. They could have stormed Omaha beach in that. 😉 Well done mate! The canvas cover looks very authentic. The South African Army actually u 23864−23220
    =644 sed this type of truck in the transport role. It was produced, iwhere I stay in

    • Thanks Morne, I read your post below so we all are glad you weren't having a stroke or something. I figure the teapot started to whistle and you just took off. Haa Haa!
      I am glad you liked my whiffe.
      California Steve

  2. Thats a cool rig Steve. Keep em coming.

  3. Quite a lot of "imagineering" on display there Steve, and artistic talent too - Thanks for sharing another fragment of your imagicnation!

  4. Great idea Steve! Of course the Canadians would do that to their truck! Is that the Italeri kit? The tarp does look good. Is the comparison part in the last photo the kit part, because if so, yours looks 100% better.

    • Yes it is the Italeri kit. And yes, I added the last photo for a comparison. This was my first attempt at this. You just cannot get the texture with paint. Next time I will take a bit longer to get the seams better. And as for those Canadians.. They built a lot of great trucks during the war. I think they would have cobbled a few of these.
      California Steve

  5. Sorry for the typo at the end. What I meant to say was that those trucks were produced in my hometown of Port Elizabeth by GM. Tyres were supplied by the local Firestone factory. Port Elizabeth became known as the Little Detroit of South Africa because GM, Ford, Firestone, General Tyres, Goodyear and VW located to Port Elizabeth before and after WW II. AWESOME TRUCK STEVE.

    • The production of vehicles and many other war supplies going on in and around Port Elizabeth was amazing. I have read a few articles. If there are any publications you know of please let me know. I love these reads.
      And thanks for the awesome. Now wouldn't it be cool to have one of these in real life?
      California Steve

  6. awesome mind man...great OTB thinking

  7. Thank you Bob. I really do some straight forward builds. Once in a while. Haa! Haa!
    As for OTB thinking, Sometimes I like to do OTB dreaming also. This leaves me more options.
    California Steve

  8. Great model Steve, another fab piece of modelling madness 🙂

  9. Steve, great build oob or out of yours.?
    Nice idea, you could just see it rumbling across the beaches and crushing tanks...
    Well done mate fine skills and nice pics.

  10. Great model Steve! Never seen something like this before, thank you for sharing 🙂

  11. What I like about your "madness" is there is always a good basic build as a starting point.
    Being partial to soft skins & support vehicles I really like this one.
    Well done.

  12. "Gravedigger" in Olive Drab! Great idea, trust I'll see this in the Nassau Coliseum in February.

  13. Thanks Mike, I like wicked good!
    I am glad you got a kick.
    California Steve

  14. Steve, what a cool piece of imagineering. Liked the "canvas" top, best I've seen.

    • Thanks Rick. The canvas top was a bit of fun. This is very thin nylon. I cut the pattern to the size of the plastic cover. Painted the cover in white glue and stuck it on being sure to massage it in to fit the contours. I could have aligned the seams better. But this was my first attempt.
      Thanks again.
      California Steve

  15. Nicely finished/detailed little build, there Steve...I like that.

  16. I'll drive it over and we can pound around Daytona beach in her.
    Now that would be fun.
    Thanks Craig,
    California Steve

  17. Very convincing 'what if', Steve ,very well thought out, detailed and finished. Good background, too,

  18. Thank you very much George,
    California Steve

  19. CA Steve,
    I can only add to the favorable comments above this is very clever and masterfully done. I really do like all the clever background you make to enhance your subjects. Nothing like driving a mile high, all terrain, kidney buster.

  20. Why I think I'm blushing! Thank you Frank. You know if you put one of those nice off road truck campers on the back. A guy could have a pretty good time..
    Thanks for your nice comments.
    California Steve

  21. Great idea, Steve. Love it, i guess destroyed or parked vehicles in the
    way are no problem for this one 🙂
    The canvas cover is potrayed very well !

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