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Eurofighter Typhoon

September 22, 2014 · in Aviation · · 30 · 2.2K

In 1983, Britain, France, Spain, Italy and West Germany formed a consortium to produce a European answer to the Su-27 and the Mig 29. France left the consortium in 1985 and Dassault subsequently produced the Rafale. In August 1986, Aeritalia and BAe got the first technology demonstrator known as EAP into the air. EAP tested the quadruplex Fly By Wire system and automated wing camber. However progress was slow and it wasn't until 27 March 1994 that EF 2000, named in 1998, first flew. (Germany was actually against the Eurofighter being named the Typhoon)

Typhoon is a twin-engine canard delta. It differed from Rafale and Sweden's Gripen in having the canards set well forward. In 1995 the Typhoon was fitted with EJ 200, two-spool turbofan rated at 20 250lb of thrust at max speed. The ECR 90 multi-mode radar is supplemented by a "two-colour" Infra-Red Search and Track system. Fitted with the latest glass cockpit displays as well as Defensive Aids Subsystem that provides threat warnings and automatic countermeasures. Most systems are automated to reduce the pilot's workload. Armament comprises a 27mm Mauser cannon, 4 AIM-120 AMRAAMS and 2-4 Sidewinder missiles. Max speed is rated at Mach 2 plus, service ceiling is 18287 m and rate of climb is 305 m/sec.

This is 's offering of the twin-seat Typhoon in 1/48 scale. The model depicts one of the prototype / flight evaluation aircraft used by the RAF. Weathering was kept to a minimum except for some streaks and leaks on the lower aft fuselage and burner cans. Model Master enamels were used to add colour to the kit. Panel lines were highlighted using a pencil.

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  1. Looks sharp Morne, nice and refined weathering.
    Some nice pics too.
    Nice posting Morne.

  2. Another beauty, Morne...stunning photos as well.

  3. Another well-done beauty, Morne. Its only build prize winners.
    Great work.

  4. Well done Morne,great build well photographed

  5. Your spoiling us at the minute! Fantastic metal effects on the burners! Nice attention to detail to in the cockpit, and on the re-fuelling rod. And on the sidewinders! It's all good Infact!

  6. how do you keep pouring these great models out so quickly?

  7. This one is really outstanding Morne.

  8. Nice job. I built the Revell 1/32 kit once, but this Academy version seems better detailed.

    • Thanks Rob. She must be HUGE in 1/32 scale. Italeri did a good job on this Typhoon. Very good decals. Kit lack a bit in detail if you compare it to Revell's Rafale.

      • Deinately some fit issues with the 1/32 kit. Best thing about it I seem to recall was a nicely detailed engine that could be displayed outside the aircraft on a stand.

  9. Yep its a beauty. Theres a ton of decals on this model and A LOT of detail painting. It all adds up to a great effort Morne.

  10. Yet another classy looking model, Morne, I really admire the way you are able to achieve such consistently high standards.

  11. Thanks for the thumbs up on my build.

  12. Morne,
    All of the above comments leave me only to say, OUTSTANDING

  13. Very very nice Morne. Great finish & photos too. You might just drag me in to the modern era with your Typhoon!

  14. Guten Morgen mein Freund, your "jet department" is great as your "prop
    A nice and clean build, looking really sharp ! Combined with great photography and an informative text. Well done, love the metallic effects on the burners.
    My Girlfriend was stunned by your pictures ( she do a Photography hobby) i should ask you, how you did the pic with the hazy nose and back, but with a razor sharp middle part ?

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