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Meng Warship Builder Lexington

I enjoyed taking a break from serious warship modeling with this adorable little anime-ish Lexington (CV-2) by . The kit is well-designed and not a quick build by any means. I have always liked the Lexingtons in prewar colors, so I decided to do a different camouflage scheme from the April-May scheme shown on the box. I chose the colors also because by the time Lexington was in overall Navy (or Sea) Blue, her 8" turrets were gone, so rather than kitbash the revised AA arrangement I went back to the colorful 1941 appearance.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Nice ! Right out off the old Dive Bomber movie.

  2. I've seen "Egg" planes and such, but don't ever recall seein' a egg BOAT before - cute!

  3. OMG that is soo cute! No PE? No resin correction kit? No AM decals?

  4. That's Great! And I totally agree, Michael, sometimes you just got to change it up, to keep the hobby what it's supposed to be...FUN!

  5. Your Lex would have stood no chance against my Yomata 🙂

    Nice build! Enough of that Advanced Modelers Syndrome.

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