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Hasegawa's 1/48 P-51D Mustang "Arkansas Traveller"

September 19, 2014 · in Aviation · · 28 · 2.3K

I've built quite a few Mustangs in my time (hasn't everybody?) but this remains one of my favourites. The only alterations I made were to the nose/spinner profile to ensure a smooth upper curve, which called for a little sanding of the cowling & a better shaped spinner: otherwise she's as she comes in the box. Paints are Model Master, Decals Aeromaster.
Hope you like it.

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  1. That's a really nice build there, Tony and some good photos as well. I certainly didn't mean to "ambush" you with my post, but after seeing Jim's Marine T-6 still up there this morning, I figured I'd post my 'abortion'. I must have been getting the article ready while you were putting YOURS up (sorry) - 🙁

    • No problem at all mate. There's no such thing as a modeller who hasn't felt tempted to throw his work against the wall!
      I must confess I use the Picasa program to tweak my photos. It works a treat & it's free!

  2. Very nice work Tony - I think Hasegawa's Mustangs get overlooked in favor of Tamiya's quite often. Your build shows there is no reason for that! Looks really good to me - thanks for posting it.

  3. Great work Tony! This is 1/48 scale?

  4. Nice and clean build, Tony ! Like it very much, i guess you did a Tamiya
    P-51 as well, whats the better kit ?
    Currently i am fighting with a ICM one, maybe i win...
    Well done !

    • Hi Bernd, Thanks! Yes I have built a few Tamiya Mustangs as well; two -Bs & a -D. I have absolutely no issues with the Hasegawa kit but it is a bit older & the Tamiya kit is a bit more accurate. You can actually assemble the Tamiya kit & stand it on its undercarriage without glue; its that good a fit!. Ive built a few ICM Spitfires but not their Mustang so I can't comment, but good luck!

  5. very fine looking mustang

  6. Tony that is a beautiful rendition of The Arkansas Traveller. Awesome!

  7. Great build Tony, I like the NMF and the re shaped nose area.
    Some good pics to sir.
    Nice one Tony.

  8. Hello Tony...That's a fine looking Mustang...very nicely done and excellent choice of markings. Nice exhaust staining and detail work. You did a super job on it.

  9. Great build Tony. Like the weathered NMF. Did the nose checkers come on the Aeromaster sheet?

    • Hi Al, Thanks, I quoted the wrong decals. These were from Eagle Strike sheet # IP4804 & yes, the checkers were on it along with markings for four Mustangs (Ds) all from the 357th F.G. I also have IP 4803 (Bs & Cs), Superscale 48-693, Cutting Edge CED48113 & Aeromaster 48-478 (both -Ds) which I will be using in due course.

  10. Outstanding Mustang Tony, beautiful finish

  11. Excellent, Tony, but no more than we've come to expect. Another fine job, indeed !

  12. Very nicely done. I like the markings as I am partial to the 357th. Merle Olmstead was one of the members of the "Chico Staff" and I knew him for over fort years. He was the historian for the 357th and did a number of books on the Group. He would have been proud of the job you did on this model.

    • Thank you Frank. That's very kind of you to say so. I have referred to many references from Merle Olmstead over the years. Research is indeed an enjoyable source of inspiration

  13. Great looking model Tony. I am liking this one alot!
    California Steve

  14. Like everyone else has already said, Tony, a great build and finish, and nice photographs as well

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