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Spitfire Mk.Vb, 185 Sqn. RAF, Malta, 1942 – by Tamiya in 1/48th. scale

The defence of Malta; what a stirring story. The only island to receive a George Cross & one of only two collective awards, in this case in April 1942, by King George VI which states:
“To honour her brave people, I award the George Cross to the Island Fortress of Malta to
bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history.”

To an avid aircraft modeller Malta provides an almost unique opportunity to indulge in a huge variety of camouflage schemes; European & tropical schemes: grey, blue & azure or sky repaints or oversprays; Mediterranean & probably many more variations on the original colour schemes. My references for these are Brian Cauchi’s “Malta Vs – 1942. Colours & Markings (MMP Books) and Ospreys “Malta Spitfire Aces” by Steve Nichols; both absorbing reads, guaranteed to send you to your local hobby shop.

The model is Tamiya (of course) paints Gunze & decals Aero Master & represents the Mk.Vb flown by Flt Lt. John Plagis of 185 Sqn, RAF. As with all Tamiya kits, construction was easy, precise & speedy & the decals were superb to work with.
I hope you will excuse yet another Spitfire. You will have gathered by now that I can’t say no…

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

28 responses to Spitfire Mk.Vb, 185 Sqn. RAF, Malta, 1942 – by Tamiya in 1/48th. scale

  1. No need for excuses, Tony, if there are all as good as this one you should post as many Spitfires as you like. Your enthusiasm shows through into how you have built and photographed this model, and it is a fitting tribute to the brave people involved who were awarded the George Cross.

  2. Tony she is a real beauty. There is something magic in the design and shape of the Spit. I have the Italeri / Special Hobby1/48 scale rendition of the Spit Mk V with Malta markings. As a South African, my fellow club members will crucify me if she is not done in SAAF markings. I like your subtle weathering on this Spit.

  3. Never enough Tony, the Malta story is written in the annuals of the WW2.
    Great Spitfire, well painted and finished.
    Lovely pics to.
    Well done sir.

  4. Really nice Spitfire there Tony, beautifully finished.

  5. Like was said above you can’t get enough Spitfires. Your soft camo is outstanding. I especially like the overhead shot showing the camo against the ground. Is that a dedicated base’?

    • Hi Al. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I couldn’t resist the overhead shot. It really emphasizes the effects of the camouflage. To answer your question: I started making small bases to use at club meetings as they made the models stand out from the examples just placed on the display tables. For photography I have four or five bases which I change around depending on the “geographic location” of the model’s colour scheme. Most bases are somewhat larger & made of MDF. I use Woodlands Scenics landscaping materials (railway modelling) or grass mat. Concrete areas are manila folders cut up & airbrushed plus dirt, skids & oil stains to taste.

  6. For Spitfires is always a place ! Especially for high quality Spits like yours.
    Very well done. Camo, weathering, markings are spot on !

  7. very nice weathering, especially underneath. great spitfire!

  8. Can’t go wrong with Tamiya OR Spitfires…I like the pic setting as well.

  9. Another great job, Tony. I’m looking forward to the others in your line-up. They just keep getting better with each.

  10. Hi Tony. Beautiful looking Spitfire. Malta is home of many different aircraft camos, but I’m also attracted to the tan and green “Brick” pattern on Malta armour, so they could blend in with the stone buildings and fences. I really enjoyed your photos with the Malta ground and background setting.

  11. Stunning build and weathering Tony! Very cool background too.

  12. Tony,
    Like the Corsair and Mustang, you can never see enough Spitfires. A gorgeous airplane in any mark and color. ( I know, I know, there are 109 fans out there but we are talking Spitfire) I think you did an outstanding job on this.
    Seeing yours, I think I have to do something related to Malta. A lot of my neighbors are Maltese. They are wonderful neighbors and they pour great scotch. If I do an aircraft related to Malta I will never have to purchase my own scotch again.
    This is beautiful model.

  13. Thanks Frank. I should really do a few Mustangs; it’s not as though I don’t have enough kits & they are fabulous aircraft. I’ve done a few Corsairs too & they’re also a favourite of mine. I’m looking forward to seeing your efforts with something Maltese even if it’s only one model. At least that should get you a single Malt!

  14. Great Spitfire, you can never have too many!

  15. Oh that is a nice one Tony! Well modeled and presented.
    California Steve

  16. Outstanding model, Tony. Beautiful finish, one of the best if seen.

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