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WNW 1/32 Sopwith Snipe (Г.С. Сапожников, 1-ый ИАО, 1920)

November 26, 2014 · in Aviation · · 31 · 5K

My first WNW! Theoretically, for the manufacture of the model may be enough for 3 nights - the first day of the assembly, in the second- painting, and the third - braces ))). Thank you guys from New Zealand for their excellent model! And a nice view !

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  1. Maxim, what can I say mate.
    A wonderful build and finish.
    Those WNW are fantastic kits.
    Well done sir, up to your usual high standard.

  2. Very nice build. The more I looked at the pictures, the more I liked it.
    Goot photography too.

  3. Beautiful work, Maxim. Nice to see one of these aircraft in post-War finishes.

  4. Yet another spectacular build, Maxim...even though I shy away from anything with two wings and (gulp), rigging...I've heard - and seen - nothing but good things about those WNW kits.
    And are you serious about having that done in THREE DAYS...?! That in itself is unbelievable. 🙁
    Great job as usual, sir.

  5. What I really admire at your model, Maxim: the painting tells a story about the material the parts are made of and what they went through.
    The aluminium, the canvas, the faded paint, the wood, ... works created as a result of artistic effort.
    Really cool!

  6. Fantastic Maxim! I especially like the close up of the nose showing the detail of the guns and sight as well as the shot from the rear, showing the cockpit and instrument panels. Amazing patience and ability.

  7. Thanks guys, I am very pleased! WNW model because of its quality and just give them to focus on painting.

  8. Maxim, absolutely beautiful sir.

  9. Tremendous model Maxim. I'm glad you explained the 3 day build. I was getting ready to change my hobby to knitting.
    WNW kits deserve their reputation but your build has brought them to the next level.

  10. Maxim wonderful job. The wear of the propeller, tail, fuselage soiling, wear leather in the cockpit I really liked. I am passionate about biplanes and especially of the Great War.
    Congratulations !

  11. My Model of the Month-hands down. Great in all phases. Looks like a real airplane.

  12. I'm sure the WNW kits are as good as everyone says they are, but it takes real skill to make them look as good as this.

  13. Beautifully done, Maxim. A delight to the eye.

    Incidentally, I suppose you have seen the two new Wingnut Wings kits listed at their website - a Hansa Brandenburg and two versions of the Felixstowe F.2a. (The latter has a wingspan of 91cm! ) I'd be very pleased to see what you could do with those.

  14. Absolutely AMAZING!

  15. Bravo, Maxim!

    Regards, Vlad.

  16. Thank you, guys, your praise is calling for new exploits))!

  17. Impressive build, perfect and flawless. You portraied the different materials of this aircraft very well. Did you sleep in this period ?

  18. Nice build!
    I have in "stash" to do WnW Pfaltz D.IIId 1/32 .


  19. Maxim,I like what you've done with painting the tapes. The rudder tapes are lighter than than the surrounding fabric covering the rudder. The wing tapes stand out with the surrounding linen being lighter and help give that feeling of a three dimensional wing. These photos could easily be sent to WNW for their collection of professional builds of modelers who've made their kits.

  20. I really like the way the kit is designed. The slide molding makes the interior super easy with only a very few parts. The difference between this kit and one of the first ones, like the Pup, is night and day.

    Yours is very inspirational Maxim. Now that I have my eyes back, I need to finish rigging mine.

  21. simply outstanding

  22. Very very nice and impressive. If you continue like this you make me start to built biplanes 🙂

  23. fantastic finish , I really admire your modelling skills. I especially like the white lettering on the tyres. How on earth did you manage that?I'm struggling a little in building this kit, but your work has given me inspiration.

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