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Call For a Taxi–a Space Taxi!

December 18, 2014 · in Sci-fi · · 13 · 2.9K

This kit was released during the hey-day of space models in 1959. Designed by Willy Ley, the 1:48 scale model is a depiction of a space "Taxi", or space tug to be used in moving cargo and passengers around larger space vehicles (space station). There's not a lot to this kit, pretty basic with some cargo and three astronauts. It was made to be displayed on a earth globe and all parts molded in white. It's been released a number of times, I built one back in the early 1960's and this model is a re-issue from the 1990's. I added a few things to the kit: more cargo, jet packs and radios for the space travellers, a clear cabin roof for the taxi pilot, and added scratchbuilt rocket thrusters and fuel cells. In addition I put a air lock on the bottom of the craft and added detail to the pilots cabin. I painted the "space suits" similar to the space suits from the movie "2001", different colors for each astronaut. It was, as always, a fun build.

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  1. Thanks, Mike!

    I'd almost forgotten about this. She's a beauty, and a souvenir of times when we had confidence in the future.
    Thanks for the memories, as some guy with an upturned nose would say.

  2. I'm somewhat ashamed to say, I've never seen this kit before (at least that I know of), but I've never been a big a Sci-Fi guy - that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it. 🙂

    Nice job on the build, btw.

  3. Looks like you took a little break Mike. It's a break for us too, thanks.
    What did you use for the backdrop?

    • Hi Al
      Thanks for nice comment. I used a sheet of black foam board as a backdrop. In the computer's photo shop feature I added the "stars" in different sizes. The model is mounted on a brass rod with a wood base. I use the same feature to eliminate the base and brass rod for that "zero-gravity" effect.

  4. Mike, as you can see from some of my posts here I am on a search to
    find and build some of these obscure and rare kits. I find them fascinating and fun. I also like to do what you did and really bring them
    back to life with our modeling skills and photographic technologies we have available today. I like your modifications. Very cool.
    California Steve

    • Thanks Steve, great minds (slightly off kilter) think alike. I enjoy your posts, they are always "fresh", enjoyable, and a bit "off the beaten path". (Check my "Area 51" on my profile page if you haven't viewed it.) Yeah, my model building is a little wacky too.

  5. Interesting project, Mike. You've brought an old kit back to life.

  6. Different Mike but nice.
    I like the way you have displayed it.
    Well done mate.

  7. built it in 1962...thank's for the memories...

  8. It's always good to see something a little different, Mike, and this obviously brings back memories for lots of people, excellent!

  9. No THAT is fun modeling! Great job, reminds me of my childhood, very cool!

  10. Cool presentation Mike, love it !

  11. Well done Mike, everything looks just right.

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