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Late DB Panther color primer

January 31, 2015 · in Armor · · 2 · 1.8K

Though you guys might like to see the pics I am working from for the painting of my DB Panther. Now I am unsure of the copyrights, but needless to say they are widely available on the net and are placed here for discussion only. There has been endless debate over on Missing Lynx and other armor websites about interpretation of B&W photographs, and for good reason. If interested do a search there and after a couple of hours...well gouge your eyes out from boredom and decide for yourself! Me I am firmly in the Lightest is dark yellow (maybe in some instances on late Tiger IIs an ivory color, but for now let's not muddy things up) next the "in-between shade" is green, then the darkest is red-brown. All applied at the factory and following a similar pattern. Tight soft edge sprayed, maybe stenciled, but the slight differences in each would suggest freehand. The two examples I have posted here show the shade differences pretty well, as well as the lighter road wheels, which lead me to believe Daimler Benz was still using dark yellow as a base after the other two factories had switched to green. As for my kitty, she will be toned down a lot by the time I am done, but hopefully I will still capture the vivid pattern used on these last Panthers.

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  1. Hey Rob... go take a look in the WIP/Armor group - I posted a couple of photos I took at a restoration facility some time back. I think it's the general color/pattern you're lookin' to get if I'm right. At least it LOOKS close. 🙁

  2. Yep that is close, that of course is a Hetzer and their factories had their own dedicated patterns, but very similar 🙂

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