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November 10, 2019 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.9K

FineScale Modeler, (FSM) magazine printed my story long ago. When I open up the photos on our Apple desk top p.c. I click on an "X" up in the top-right corner of the monitor and the photo's become larger, which let's me read what FSM wrote about the model build. They drew a diagram of the paint.

On a previous mode posted here I said that this was the first model that I attach the pre case wind screen and front section to a model. Well! that's wrong as the dates on these photos show that I built this before I built the previous posted model.

The kit's windscreen was painted on the inside first, then I superglued it in place on the fuselage. Next I sanded the outside of it from 320 down to 2000 grit and polished it with my Blue Magic polishing cream. It was mask off later when I painted the outside of the model. It, along with the canopy sure look like real glass.

Enjoy RJW

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  1. What a great looking finish reminds me of wet aircraft. No runs,drips or errors. Rodney do you have any current photos of your build? The mirror finish is as close to perfection as one can get.

    As an aside, the prop on this P-51 it doesn't look like the standard prop for the type. One of the blades looks like its made out of wood . Any idea on why the team chose to use this prop?

    • It looks like a prop from an Electra/Orion.

    • I built this model in 1988 and all my photos were taken back then. I sold the model in 1990. I knew nothing about the airplane, nor its' prop, other than what was written under the photo that was published in a airplane book that I bought.

      Year's later, I built a 1/48 scale model of it and a few more years later I built it in 1/32 scale as my 1988 decals were still good that I had "custom made" in 1988 at a cost of USD$150.00

  2. I quit building in November, 2016 and took my last model photos of a o.o.b. 1/48 scale FW-D9 Dora model. As to the prop on the real "Hi Time-II" P-51D Mustang, I have no information on the prop. The photos show the colors only.

  3. Looks fantasic Rodney. In high school back in the 90's I joined the local modeling club and both Paul Boyer and Al Jones would drive up from Milwaukee for the meetings. Al is great with younger modelers and taught me a bunch in a very constructive way. He'd comment on what he liked on a particular model then would ask me what I thought I could have done better. He would then proceed to give a few options to accomplish that. (He did this with everyone and it was a gentile way of helping us without being critical of your current effort.) I know it doesn't pertain to your post except you mentioned FSM. I always think of those two when I pick up the magazine.

  4. This is very good information that you have shared with us... Thank you very much for doing so.

    I like your story too. There's a right way and a wrong way to treat people, especially when you are trying to help them with improvements to what they have already built. It sounds like both Paul Boyer and Al Jones did it the right way...

    I was fortunate enough to get a small bit of recognition in FSM once. They photographed an old Tamiya 1/48 scale Ki-84 that I took to an IPMS show many years ago.

    This particular build happened because of an accident. I didn't mean to pull the top color off. It accidentally came off with the tape as I unmasked the yellow leading edge color.

    I thought everything was ruined... then the light bulb went off and I ran with it. I started peeling the paint using the tape to expose the metallizer base. It turned out very good in my opinion, and was something that was never planned.
    It all happened by accident... Now I do this same sort of thing on purpose.

    I hope you don't mind my posting this here Rodney. It's not my intent to hijack your article. If it bothers you I will remove the post.


    • I got to know Paul B; as he posted more than one model of mine in FSM's magazine. I met him at a couple of IPMS/USA National conventions in the 1990.'s Paul did a wonderful job posting my models.

      In 1987 I became VP of our club and I found a meeting place at the local private airport, then I got the bright idea of using the place as a get-together for our club members on a Friday night. We started to bring our model's there and work on them. We learned lots of things from one another and became better model builders. The club members continue to use the place for several years after I moved away in 2004. What a great time I had.

      I also ruined a model when the paint came off just like you did on your Zero. I made it a habit to do the same thing to other models...Thanks for adding your model in with mine.

  5. I remember that article about the racing Mustang well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge all these years!

  6. Hi, i think that I admired your model long ago on an Italian magazine may be "model time" and I was very impressed with your finish. and was inspiring for me . thank you for bringing me back to those years.

    • FSM; (FineScaleModeler) was the only magazine that I ever posted my model's on. I did send model stories to 3 different web sites, and to 2 different IPMS/USA model clubs here in California. In the 2000 decade I sent in a dozen or more air race model storie's to the "Golden Pylon's" bi-monthly newsletter that is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area of America. There was Skywriters web over in England where I sent stories to, but the site is no longer up and running. Maybe someone sent my stories to other places, but I have no idea about that...thanks for your input! RJW.

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