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1/48 Tamiya Me262-1a

May 6, 2022 · in Aviation · · 28 · 1.3K

Aftermarket items include Quinta Studio 3D cockpit decals, Wingz slats, Hussar resin wheels and EagleCals # 138 decals. The Quinta set is fantastic, easy to use, much more so than photo etch. The model represents a 262 that operated with 3./KG[J] 54 1945, Ruzyne, Czech Territory

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  1. Fantastic Dale. Love the paint work

  2. Beautiful paint job and decal application, Dale, and the extra bits really add to the detail effect. Congratulations on completing this excellent build of a great kit!

  3. Amazing result, Dale!
    Beautiful CAMI, perfectly rendered!

  4. Excellent build, Dale @dtravis
    The camouflage scheme is indeed beautiful.
    Trying out a set of Quinta is still on my wish list.

  5. Nice work, Dale. Those late German camo schemes are always interesting to see.

  6. Ok - I hadn't planned to build another 262, but this build and scheme has inspired me to start looking for another kit to add to the stash! Love it - I especially love the paint work. Beautifully done!

  7. Beautiful work Dale! ?

  8. paintjob turned out lovely!

  9. @dtravis
    Beautiful Schwalbe, in one of the most challenging camo schemes to replicate ever used on this machine.
    I have a Tamiya shelf queen that was started with this specific scheme in mind, using a Kagero decal from one of their publications, but got bogged down while trying to insert the resin flaps (Cutting Edge I believe). Yours look terrific, how was the AM fit labour?
    Thumbs up!

    • Thanks much Pedro @holzhzmer I wasn't sure I could do the camo scheme and make it look right but it turned out okay. As far as aftermarket labor the slats were a pain. I had the Aires set and one from Wingz. I used the leading edge inserts from the Wingz set as the Aires ones didn't, big surprise, fit. I then used the Aires slats as they were better cast then the Wingz ones. As I mentioned the Quinta set is great. The only work required is to remove the surface detail on the parts receiving the decals. They attach easily with white glue

      • Thanks for the explanation Dale.
        Aires is pinnacle of beautiful resin cast detail that only fits good inside their box, not the kit Lol. Still I have used their stuff in the past and still have a few projects for them in the shelf.
        I didn’t mention because I have use one of their sets in the Stuka that’s being slowly built in my schlacht planes WIP. I subscribe your opinion about their stuff quality, much better than PE for the most detail parts. Cheers!

  10. Nice unusual scheme and a great result.

    I used to know a guy who served in that unit. His experience of the Me-262 was that if you crashed on takeoff (as he did) that cockpit was strong enough that if it got ejected from the wreck (as he was) you could walk away with nothing but black and blue marks.

  11. Looks amazing, Dale. I really like the camo scheme, you did a fantastic job with the plane and the paint.

  12. G'day Dale (@dtravis),

    This is a great build.

    I bet you had as much fun (seriously) painting it as I did mine, which you can see on this site.

    I've never been brave enough to try aftermarket slats, but if (when) I do another I may give it a go.

    I've used the Quinta Studio cockpit decals on a Su-57 that I'm in the middle of building (started before the unfortunate war in Ukraine began) and agree that they are much better to use than photo etch.

    Liked very much!

    • Thanks very much Michael. @michaelt Yes indeed it was a fun build and I wasn't sure I could do the camo scheme. I admired your build and it prompted me to do mine. I think the slats are almost a must on the 262 as they're always open when the plane is on the ground. On your next 262 give them a try not really too difficult. I recommend the Wingz set as it fits better Than the Aires set and has flaps and other details too.

  13. Dale, @dtravis
    Your 262 looks absolutely wonderful ! I agree, this would definitely be a hard one to paint. I commend you on your painting skills. The Germans were so far ahead of the Allies with various technologies. The 262 is my favorite early jet from this era.

    I built up an early "S" version using this same Tamiya kit. The fit was spectacular, and the only problems I encountered were of my own doing. I fogged the inside of the canopy, but thankfully I was able to save it.

    I definitely checked the "like" button. 🙂 Two thumbs up for sure.

  14. Thanks Louis, @lgardner great to hear from you! The Tamiya kit is a great one but I would really welcome an updated version, like they did with the Spitfire, incorporating slats and flaps to the kit.

    • Dale, @dtravis
      Now that would be really nice if Tamiya did that. I think they would sell like crazy.

      The new tool Tamiya Spitfire is much better than the older one. But even the older Spitfire is a sweet building kit. No hassles and the fit is spectacular, as they say "typical Tamiya".

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