In the far North...1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8, 12./JG5

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Built in 2016. kit with , the JG5 batch is from Kagero because it came closest to the original, the little 4s on the gear covers are from the sparesbox. Painted as usual back then with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, the blue on the nose is a selfmix to match the blue 4 decal.

The model shows an a/c of 12./JG5, Herdla/Norway in 1945.

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  1. Another real beauty! I wish I could master those spinner swirl decals, but in 1/72, no matter how many attempts, I always ruin trying to get them on! If I could figure out a way to mask/paint them I think that might be the better route...

    • Thanks a lot Greg!
      Already tricky in 1/48 yes, can´t imaging doing it in 1/72 😀
      My dad doesn´t always get it right with the first attempt.Good to have lots of spare decals. Eduard has mask sheets for spinner spirales, my dad already used some. They also had one in 1/72 but as I´ve just seen on their website it´s discontinued. Maybe another mask manufacturer has some.

  2. Another interesting subject, perfectly done!

  3. Great build, Reinhard.
    The blue mix of the spinner is perfectly matching the decal color.

  4. Reinhard, @grimreaper
    This has to be my favorite model that your Dad has ever built. It's incredible ! I mean out of all the ones you have posted this is it...Numero Uno ! Please tell him so for me. You two are an unstoppable pair. Your photography skills, and his builds... If we still had the model of the month awards here on Imodeler, this one would be a contender.

    All of his models are museum quality.

    It also happens to be my favorite German fighter, so I am likely biased. He matched the blue color perfectly. It's amazing at the different aircraft we can build using decals from the spares box.

    You know I definitely hit the "liked" button.

    I have several of the 1/32 scale Revell FW-190 F8 kits, and I would like to build one up like this one, if I have the proper decals in the stash. Time will tell.

    Take care my friend and stay safe.

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