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Hello all,

I'd like to share with you some thoughts about modeling. I think most of us are aware of the restrictions placed upon us concerning modeling. With restrictions I mean modeling space, financial things, family things, CATS, modeling time, shelfspace, stashspace etc..

I'm 36 now. I have been modeling my entire life and I recently built a Revell Belgian Airforce F-16 for the second time in my life. First at age 15 and now again with a lot more money, my own modeling space, a lot of tools and a lot of shelfspace and 6 cats. My age 15 F-16 looked way better! And it's not just the cats.. It's modeling time!

My modeling time is restriced to 8 hours a month, in 2 hour sessions, mostly because of my job and the family. So: is 8 hours a month still enough for the hobby?

Struggeling with that question I came up with the awnser: Revell WW2 and jet fighters. I can build them in 1/2 hour and paint them in 2 hours and they look OK to me.

As an example Revell's 1/144 Corsair and Typhoon. I like the small stands..

Dreaming as a kid about all the great modeling I'd do when I grew up I now smash together 1/144 aircraft.. But I truely enjoy it and it keeps the hobby alive for me!

I'm a bit jealous though at all the great looking models at Imodeler. Where do you guys find the modeling time? Please keep me enjoying your models!

Happy modeling,


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  1. They're tiny, I build one of these (Hurricane) in about a couple of hours, small and fun. Nice finishing you achieved

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