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Finnish Fokker D XXI series 3

May 22, 2021 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.2K

This is the Silverwings Fokker D XXI that has been modified from the original ”Dutch” layout. The manufacturer Valtion license built eighty-nine airframes following the delivery of seven template aircraft from Holland. These aircraft used the Bristol Mercury engine. Due to the shortage of the Mercury engine during the production run, the Finns modified airframes to use P&W Twin Wasp engines. The Finns constantly made modifications to the early airframes during rebuilds. -This kit represents airframe FR-92. From 2/LeLv 12. 1942. It was used earlier by Pelle Sovelius during the Winter War. It underwent several different camouflage schemes during its career. This paint scheme represents some damage repair having been done. AK / Tamiya paints were used. However, the green was mixed to try and get it to look right. NATO black used. AK Air superiority blue and yellow used. Techmod decals were used , and the donkey was hand painted. -Modifications were made at several periods of time. An additional pane of glass was added behind the canopy for better vision. Fin and rudder plus stabilizers and elevators were modified to update and improve mass balancing. The tail section had 2 braces added from the original 1 brace to correct some vibration issues. The landing gear was slightly bulked up to allow skis to be used during the winter. A second intake was added under the nose for improved airflow to carburetor and oil cooler. An arrowhead type pitot was added. Placement of interior radio and other internals was moved around. Wingtip grab handles and different lights were added. Armament was changed to 2 guns firing through the engine cylinders and 2 guns in the wings. I tried to modify the kit as much I could from 2 pictures I found of this aircraft. -The Silverwings kit is resin and very nicely done- in my opinion. Others may be more reluctant since the kit makes up as a Dutch variant out of the box. Surface details are well represented. There is a clear resin windscreen and canopy sections. Care is needed here. The engine is a beauty. Extra wiring is added and bracing of the nacelle added. A word of caution. The instructions , while beautifully illustrated, aren't real clear as to position placement for parts. Since I was already doing numerous modifications, this didn't pose any problems to me.

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  1. Nice work on this - a very realistic-looking result.

  2. A beautiful build, Steve.
    Those Finnish D.XXI's look awesome.
    The oil and exhaust stains look great.

    • I used Future mix with powdered pastel chalks to do the oil stains. Apply with narrow brush and thin use your finger or Qtip to try to replicate the flow. Took me a while to master the technique.

  3. Excellent work!

  4. Missed this one earlier, for some reason. Seems you are working through a list of Bill's favorite aircraft, and in the "correct" scale. Another beauty of a job on this. Silver Wings makes some good stuff al right.

    • Ok. What’s next on your list, Bill!? I have the Silverwings P6e on order. Love that bird. Also, have the Whirlwind on order with my LHS. Waiting on both of these has me salivating.

  5. What an excellent result, Steve!
    You super detailed / modified a big resin kit!

  6. Nice work, Steve. Great detailing in the cockpit/canopy area especially.

  7. Steve, I have fallen in love with this aircraft since my return back into this hobby. An extremely important aircraft for its time period. You have a very impressive build, plus you hand painted the donkey. The open canopy and all of the wire rigging on the tail area really makes this build show the soul of the Fokker D.XXII.

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