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1/48 Revell B-25J

Finished about two years ago after I purchased the decals form Bombshell Decals. And they are the bomb, pun intended. Pretty much OOB with just True Detail wheels and the decals added. Use Tamiya and Model Master paints from rattle cans, and some pastel chalk for some weathering. This B-25J is from the 321st Bomb group, 445th Bomb Squadron based on Corsica and that unit served as the basis for the book Catch 22. Next on the table for me is a Monogram B-26 Marauder.

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  1. Hello Tom….nice build of a fine ole kit. I’ve never used Bombshell decals but they look like they went down pretty well. Good looking bird.

  2. Great looking B-25, nice decals too. What nose weight did you use and where did you fit it in to be a non-tail-dragger?

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Tom…..did you paint the gray belly camo color by hand…or mask it off? Nice touch with the double antenna wire(s).

  4. Crag I sprayed the bottom with Tamiya gloss aluminum then masked it off and sprayed the top with Model Master Olive Drab. Used a rubber eraser to eliminate the demarcation line.

  5. Nice model. All the nice shiny B-25Js that replaced the B-25Cs and Ds destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in March 1944 got painted with camouflage on the upper surfaces after the raid on Corsica by the Ju-88s of LG 2 on 19 May 1944.

    Actually, the 340th BG was the “Catch 22 Bomb Group”, in that Joe Heller served in the 340th. The 321st and 310th BG’s were – with the 340th BG – part of the 57th Bomb Wing, aka “the Bridgebusters.” The 57th BW fought Operation Bingo, aka “The Battle of the Brenner Pass” from 6 November 1944 to 12 April 1945, reducing German supplies coming through the Brenner Pass from 500% of minimum needed in November 1944 to 65% of minimum needed by March 1945, leading directly to the 12 day campaign on the ground that began 12 April 1945, saw the Gothic Line broken by 16 April, and the Allies in Bologna by 20 April, with German forces in Italy surrendering on 24 April. It’s actually the most effective battlefield interdiction campaign the Air Force ever flew, and nobody knows it. If you have the February 2015 issue of “Flight Journal” you can read a bare-bones history of the event (by yours truly). And if my agent is successful in negotiations ongoing now, you’ll have the opportunity to read “The Bridgebusters: The True Story of the Catch 22 Bomb Wing” in about two years.

  6. Tom,
    Looks great. Monograms still holds up well. This is an excellent kit and all things considered it goes together well. You will find that it goes together a lot better than the B-26 however it is also a good kit. I can’t tell you how many times I have started “Catch 22” but I have yet to ever finish it. One of the very few books I have never completed. I await to see your B-26.

  7. Good job on this kit, cracking B-25, hope mine will turn out half as good, as yours.

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