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Fujimi F-14A 1/72

March 19, 2015 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.4K

I finished this kit in 2011. I had 2 Tomcats in my stash, and wanted to build one "turkey feathers" (flaps, gear, hook, airbrakes all out) and wings extended, and one swept and clean. This one is the first (kinda obvious!).

It is pretty much out of box except that I scratch built and opened the airbrake and used aftermarket decals. Seems like Fujimi kits just have a weird way of cutting up their molds - it was a bit dicey to get together nicely.

I wish I had kept pics of the cockpit as I was putting it together...(it was one of my more detailed attempts, and came out pretty well).

This was also one of my first attempts at post-shading (using pastels since I don't airbrush), and except for that I didn't do a lot of other weathering. At this point in my building I was also still finishing all my models with a semi-gloss finish. Not sure how I ever got started down that path - I think it had to do with looking at some early Hasegawa catalogues when I first got back into building, and they were all finished in semi-gloss, which seemed to pick up the highlights better. I've since ceased that practice, except for those finishes that were actually gloss or semi-gloss.

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  1. Sure looks like a Tomcat sir.
    Nice work mate.

  2. Great choice of markings, Greg.

    I too have built the Fujimi F-14. It's kind of a strange bird. Not as fiddly in general consrtuction as you would think, but at the end of construction there's just a lot going on and the model becomes sort of difficult to handle while adding the final bits. The Hasegawa kit is supposedly more accurate, but unless you park the 2 side by side the overall shape of the plane looks good. However, Fujimi deserves some kind of Dubious Achievement Award for reckless placement of ejector pin marks. I have another one along in construction but she's not a high priority. I do however have the 48th scale Hasegawa kit in the works and i'm leaning towards VF-41...

  3. Excellent workmanship, Greg...especially in that scale. I've seen 48th scale builds that don't look as well (mine leaps to mind). 🙁

  4. Magnificent! Nobody can say they don't like the sleek looks of a Tomcat! Well done!

  5. I like the post shading. The lines look more natural than some attempts I've seen at pre shading where the shadiow seems to bleed out over the face of the panels. Nice.

  6. Lovely cockpit view!

  7. A well build F-14 is always a joy to look at, beautiful work !

  8. Greg,
    Outstanding display of a gorgeous model.

  9. Greg dont be so modest. It looks great. You did a very good job.

  10. Nice Tomcat Greg! Great action shot as well.

  11. Lovely tomcat Greg, looks good with everything hanging.

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