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Airfix 1/12th scale Bentley 'Blower'

June 25, 2017 · in Automotive · · 21 · 3.6K

Hi all
This is my first post after just joining imodeler.
Cars are not my usual subject having been a vintage aircraft enthusiast (when I say vintage I mean from about 1915 up to about 1965 so Eindecker to Vulcan really!) since I was the age of 6.
It all started when I saw a formation of Heinkels and 'S fly over my house (no, i'm not that old!) when I was living in Kent.
It was for the making of the 'Battle Of Britain' movie in the late 1960's and I have to say it took some convincing to my Dad when he got home from work what I had seen!
Anyhow the local papers were soon full of it and Dad took me down to Manston aerodrome to see them all lined up prior to them heading off the Duxford a few days later for filming.
That was it, I was hooked.
The following weekend Dad bought me my first model which wast an 1/72nd scale and the rest as they say is history!

Back to the Bentley.

I wont go into a long winded detailed description of the build only to say that this kit is one of the original releases dating back to the mid 1970's I think?
Its been on my shelf all that time. I came up close and personal to an original Bentley owned by a friend of mine about a year ago and it inspired me to have a refreshing change and finally start this build.
For its age the quality of the kit is remarkable and I found, with a little TLC it fell together.
I'm really pleased how its turned out and hope you enjoy the photos.

As far as the aircraft are concerned I did build in 1/48th scale but I grew such a large stash of models that I was no way going to build them or have the room to display them so I swapped them for half a dozen 1/24th scale aircraft and a big enough cabinet to house them. That then grew a bit with a few 1/48th scales on the side from my old stash.
Ill post these in another article
Until the next time.

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  1. Pleased Martin that is an understatement this is one great build,you should be very proud of this one ,I have always liked these kits,but price has kept me away,glad you have joined and look forward to seeing more of your work.Cheers.

  2. Welcome aboard, Martin...glad to see "new blood" (and a fellow aviation enthusiast of the same era). Love the Bentley and would really like to see what you've done for your a/c builds. If you haven't already discovered this, there's a really nice bunch of modelers here - you'll like it at iModeler. 🙂

  3. Wow, a great build! And a bit of a blast from the past, I know this car ,because I've still got a Matchbox models of yesterday Bentley no. 5. And welcome sir.

  4. Welcome to iModeler Martin. Always loved this kit, although I guess it's hard to come by now. You've done a fantastic job here & the only improvement I can suggest is to put John Steed & Emma Peel behind the wheel! Excuse the flight of fancy, but I can hear it now, roaring along a country road...

  5. That is a great looking finish

  6. I remember building this kit when it first appeared in the early/mid 70s, I think I was pleased with the result, as you must be with this one. Welcome to iModeler.

  7. A venerable kit, and still of interest to modellers. A fine looking build.

  8. Hi Martin. What irony your first post is a car (given your surname - and interest in aircraft).
    Beautifully built and finished, welcome to the site.

  9. Welcome, Martin. I'd love to look under the hood.
    And I hope to be able to one day convince you of the awesome coolness of the cars of the seventies!

  10. Welcome aboard Martin, and I see for your first posting you brought us a real beauty. Well done !

  11. Wow! This model would look great on a desk!
    What is the size of the model in cm please?

  12. Very nicely done Martin. Thanks for sharing and welcome aboard.

  13. Welcome Martin! Very nice Bentley. I'm an aircraft man myself, but it's nice to see any model executed well!

  14. Look! It's Steed and Mrs. Peel!

    Great model.

  15. Lovely Bentley! I'm more of a Continental GT man myself mind, but a scale model will be the closest I will ever get to owning one!
    Great effort!

  16. Profile Photo
    said on June 26, 2017

    Good looking Blower.

  17. That is just great Martin. I still like this big kit of the Bentley from Airfix but never came to build one myself. You've done a wonderful job and can hear the distinctive sound of this driving machine in my mind. Timewise a good combination with the "Eindecker to Vulcan period" you like. What cars and planes concern I'm in with a large part of that period as well. Cheers!

  18. Hi all

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments on my first post of the Bentley.
    I was hoping for a couple of positive remarks but have been blown away by all of your comments which have been so inspirational. Thank you.
    As you all have noticed I am really an aircraft enthusiast and I will post up some photos of my collection of 1/24th and 1/48th scale aircraft.
    My latest project is a BF 109 B2 which is an old Hobbycraft kit from Canada. I'm just in the process of finishing the interior and the first stages of construction so expect to see a post on this one again soon.
    Its a real pleasure being part of all this and thanks again for all your kind words and encouragement.
    Until the next time,

  19. Hi there, your build looks amazing! I'm also re-starting my Airfix kit, A20440 1930 #9 car.

    I struggled finding the parts as they are numbered 1-380 ish, with no sprue letters, and the parts made randomly on each. I have to search through every piece and it gets annoying, plus some of the flashing is terrible, takes me ages to prep each part...but I guess that's part of the fun!

    One question: do you not bother 'weathering' your models? I never used to but now cannot make a 'like new' build any more...

    • Hi Mike

      I really enjoyed building this kit and had it in my stash for a very long time.

      It was one of those builds that the more I got into it the more enjoyable it was. Each hurdle I faced just became a pleasure and I cant remember the last time I built a model when I was dissapointed that it had to come to an end.

      As mentioned I'm not a great builder of cars although love the vintage stuff but when I do make one I like to finish them as factory fresh or 'immaculately preserved'!

      It's been a while since my last post due to the usual life distractions and a busy work load in my landscape and groundsman business.

      I haven't started any new projects since the Bentley as, like most of us, I have all good intentions, do the research get the references and then...something else gets in the way!

      However, I have become embroiled in something that has become very dear to me and totally unique and captivating.

      Last Christmas I became a member and volunteer of Hawker Typhoon project RB396.

      This is arguably the most unique aircraft restoration project on the planet.

      Our intention is to restore her to airworthy condition powered by an original Napier Sabre engine!

      For those of you that know of our project you will be aware of the task that lays ahead and to some it seems impossible.

      However, we are a totally dedicated and committed team of enthusiasts, engineers, and craftsman and have a host of skills and skilled individuals and organisations coaxing us along to that ultimate goal.

      Needless to say my next project, which will probably start in the Autumn will be the Airfix 1/24th scale Typhoon which I will finish in the markings of our re-build.

      I will be one of the volunteers attending our stand at the Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow on the 22nd/23rd of September so if you intend going come along and say hello.

      Until the next time folks.

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