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Hellcat F6F-5 1/48

March 31, 2015 · in Aviation · · 43 · 3.6K

This Grumman -5 early is my first kit, a « profipack » which includes ectched-parts (cockpit, engine, external parts), Kabuki masks, and two well detailed Brassin wheels. I've chosen to present a bare engine model, so bought the optional (and expensive) Brassin R-2800 Pratt&Whitney resin kit.

This Eduard kit is fun and parts fit well, a real scale modelling pleasure. It's not the case with Brassin engine, which needs boring adjustments and specific tools, as suitable saw to cut parts from sprue. Necessary use of cyanocrylate glue, because usual plastic cement doesn't work with resin. "Scratch" parts with pierced Evergreen plastic strips were used to represent frame parts around engine.

I used Gunze Sangyo (Mr Hobby) paints : H54 blue an H58 for cockpit green. Panels were lightend with a mix of H54 and H306 grey. Panel lines were enhanced with white/grey oil paint, thinned with white spirit.

This version is plane of Ray Hawkings, from aircraft-carrier USS Cabot. Only reason of this choice (« Minsi » of ace Mc Campbell is much known) : silver wheels aspect is more attractive to me then dark blue ones. But i had to paint white strips on tail with tape masks, not provided with decals.

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  1. Christian, this is beautifully finished. The panels have just the right amount of fading to look natural. Engine detailing nice too.

  2. Lovely work Christian.
    Looks really nice, like the engine details.

    • Thank you Simon. I've built the Gloster gladiator from Airfix i saw on your blog. It was really beautiful but i accidently let it in the sun behind a window glass. Left wing is distorted by heat, impossible to redress... That's modeling too...

  3. Very very nice. Love your work. 🙂

  4. Christian, Bravo! Formidable! I'll bet the engine was more work than the rest of the airplane, and beautifully done. I like the restrained weathering, just enough.

    • Yes Bernie, engine wasn't easy to built (each of 18 cylinders is apart), it took time because i present it without hood, i had to built engine frame.
      Thank you for weathering appreciation, it helps me well.

  5. Hello Christian...My compliments to you on a beautiful build of your Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat. Very nicely done construction, detailing, decals and weathering. Outstanding workmanship all around.

  6. That's fantastic! I especially like the finish you achieved. Congratulations.

  7. Couldn't agree more with everyone's of the better examples I've seen anywhere. We just might be seeing this one again in a couple of weeks - (wink, wink). 🙂

  8. now that's stunning

  9. Christian, very nice. Its hard to make a one color paint scheme look interesting. You have done that here. looks great.

    • Beginning the kit, i didn't really realize it was difficult to paint one color model. Maybe panel lines and engine are easier on eye.
      Thank you for comment Terry !

  10. A beautiful rendition of a well used Hellcat. I like the weathering on this one! Well done!

  11. Christian - beautifully done! Excellent panel shading and weathering. A really nice finished model!

  12. Nice model. the wheel hubs were more likely white, that being the other color Hellcat hubs were painted, when used by the tri-color airplane, and the supply carried over to the GSB airplane.

    • Tank you for informations Tom, i sure you know very well the subject !
      For hubs color, i followed Eduard notice advices.
      I had only BW photos/documents of the F6F-5, so not easy to be right with paints.

  13. one of the nicest Hellcats I've seen lately. great job.

  14. A delight to the eye, Christian.

  15. A really smart build with some great photography. Its hard to make a dark blue aircraft look interesting...adding the engine helps break up the blues. The post shading and the panel lines with light gray washes make the kit more interesting to the eye. Looking to see more of your gifts and talents Christian.

    Two thumbs up on this build.

    • I am really happy with this comment ! I had difficulties with weathring techniques before this model. It seems my know-how comes ok.
      I'll do my best to go on doing this way, thank you so much !

  16. Christian,
    Although every compliment Has alredy been used I'm still going to say that this is absolutely gorgeous. You have done an outstanding job on this very good looking airplane.

  17. Splendid Hellcat, Christian and well presented. Like the weathering and the lighter painted panel lines, this make the dark color look more interesting.

    • Thanks for compliments, Bernd.
      I'am not so diversified as you, i favor aircrafts (military or not). Your phantom and FW are very well built and weathered models. Especially the Ju 88 ! Congrats for the tanks too.

  18. Thank you very much for this compliment, Christian. It seems i am not so good in repeating things, so i try to mix it up.
    There are some kits on the bench, close to the finish line. Will post them soon (hope so)
    Your Hellcat is second to none, a very well carried out build with this nice engine. Eduard has two pairs of fuselages in their boxes, i think of using one pair, together with a Hobby Boss wing kit from their cheap but not so good offering at some time.

    • I think Hellcat "grin" nose has especialy multiple interpretation from manufacturers. The Eduard is said to be a good one. I don't know well Hobby Boss, but i see many boxes in hobby model shop window in Liège.
      So i'am waiting your next posts, Bernd !

    • Bernd, let us know if the wings from the Hobbyboss will work with the Eduard Fuselage. They fold, and it might be cheaper than sourcing a resin folding wing conversion set. I was thinking about that, provided I could find one discounted, or at a show.

  19. I am more into modern aviation to be honest Christian, but this is eye catching and it would be rude not to compliment you on the quality of this model! Very nicely built!

  20. Thank you, Richard, i must say you're not in rest with your models ! Your Super Cobra and 1/32 F16 are stunning. My intention is to head towards modern aircrafts in the future, and i think i've to learn from your kits...

    • Thank you very much my friend, much appreciated! However there is much greater talent on this website who I learn from!
      I do have great respect for the propeller era of aviation, but being born in the 80's I have a sense of nostalgia with the jet engined aircraft.

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