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Hobby Boss Me 262

March 4, 2015 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2K

The HB 262s are the best compromise at the moment. Outline wise it still is the old Monogram leading the charts. It is a greater effort to close all the mad riveter holes than to create "rivet replicas". What I don´t like with the HB kit is the (minimal) too high canopy (Monogram and even Dragon are better - the worst being Tamiya). The main ldg-gear legs were shortened. The nose wheel comes from somewhere I do not remember, barrel is from Schatton. The nose inscription is from Ventura (forget what you find in the box). The colors are from Schmincke.

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10 responses

  1. Excellent paint job, sir.

  2. There's something you don't see every day, an ME-262 with an armored car cannon in the nose!
    Wonder what the effect on the airframe was when it was fired!
    Yours turned out really well!

  3. Very nice 262. Well done Andreas. Looking forward to more of your builds!

  4. Great take on this subject. Photos also very well presented.

  5. Very unusual finish and insignia, I like it! I guess this a technical unit post war test plane. Is it 1:72 scale, I'm not familiar with Hobby Boss.

  6. Andreas,
    Nicely done

  7. Well built and a great paintjob.
    I expect you did it freehanded.

  8. Good paint job, I like the mottling, and really good to see some different Me.262 schemes.

  9. Nice 262, Andreas, your paint job looks the part, got this "Kanonenvogel" from Hobby Boss also in my stash.

  10. Well done. I am currently working on the Monogram 262. You have given me some inspiration here to complete it and start on the Hobby Boss 262s.

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