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May 1, 2018 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.7K

Hi all

I had this very old kit sitting in my stash for over 30 years. Due it's age it was not engraved panel lines, so I decided to use it as a practice for my first ever try to engrave panel lines in a kit. It was not perfect but I've learned a lot.

I had some issues with some seams that were hard do cover even after several re-dos with super glue.

I've used only acrylic paints, mostly Gunze Acqueous Paint.

The decals were another challenge, due it's age they broke apart once in the water. Luckly I had two set of the decals, so I sprayed a coat of Lacquer clear coat and applied as usual. However, the decals were very transparent so I decided to double up them using the other set of decals, it was not perfect but better than originally.

Weathering was made using Tamiya accent panel lines, watercolours pencils and pastels.

Overall it looked good but not standing a chance in a model show.

I've tried to represent an aircraft part of the Flottille 1F operating on the French Aircraft Carrier Arromanches in Indochina circa early 50's.

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  1. Turned out pretty good from what I can see...especially given the scale.

  2. You've brought this kit to life, great job!

  3. My favorite projects are taking old (and usually cheap!) kits and sprucing them up. This is a very fine example of that - I think it turned out quite well! I like building for myself, and if it happens to end up as a show-worthy project - that's just a bonus.

  4. I agree with Greg that there's something satisfying about turning around an old and primitive kit into something worthy. Worthy being something you can look at and feel your time, effort, and skills have been compensated, with interest.

    I don't know how many of us finish a model and feel disappointed, but my feeling is that it'd be very few. We build while being subject to the whole spectrum of human emotions and as such we invest some of that into our projects, an artifact of ourselves. You may scoff, but in this Wildcat, there's something of Paolo.

    In scribing new panel lines, there are thoughts, memories, and feelings being transferred to the plastic. Like a craftsman working wood or metal. Paolo, you are an artist, and I salute you.

  5. Thanks mates!
    Like I used to say, is better to have an average built kit than to have it collecting dust in a box in my stash.
    I've learned a lot with this little project, some valorous lessons that will, indeed, improve my skills to my next kit.

  6. I remember this ancient item. You've really turned a sow's ear into a very nice cloth purse. Very nice result.

  7. yea...finally a Hellcat. Love Hellcats and u did a great job on this one. Love it! I need to build an F6F myself. Been to long.

  8. Nice to see an old kit getting some love!

  9. Thanks again guys. I did start this kit here as part of The Year of The Cat buidl group.

  10. Really well done, Paolo. You should be proud!

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