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Airfix 1/72 scale Hawker Typhoon Mk IIb

January 27, 2021 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3K


this is my first Hawker "Tiffy". My inspriration was the nice 1/24 kit from . You can find some very nice builds from this kit via Google and that's why I was inspired to try this on a much smaller scale.

The Airfix kit was fun to build, but I made some mistakes, the biggest one was the one with the invasion stripes on the underside of the wings. You can see in the pictures what I did wrong ...

I also recommend to install the control stick when the fuselage and wings have been assembled (use tweezers). Another thing is that you must install the wing racks after the paintjob is done (both bomb or rocket versions).

I added aftermarket guns, resin wheels and a Eduard photo etched cockpit set. Some smal parts are sratch build (i.e. the step for the pilot is a bit oversized).

Hope you like my Tiffy.

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  1. Wow... that’s really nice. I like the photography too. Looks like the airplane is parked outside . Excellent work all around .

  2. Beautiful Tiffy! Love the rivet work, and you did a terrific job recovering from the mistake. Had you not mentioned it, no one would have ever known!

  3. Andre,

    My first impression this kit was a 1/48 scale model . Some strong painting ,photography and a sweet little dio. Like the forced perspective with the clouds in the back round too.
    This is stuff is what you'd read about in hard copy. The Airfix kit is a great platform for either building as is or doing what you have a done here. Definitely a inspiration.

    Two thumbs up.

    Currently on Youtube there is a series of shorts being presented by two groups in Canada and in the U.K. with plans to resurrect two Typhoons. The Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd in British Columbia is building JP843 to flying status. The Brits are doing one and the name of organization escapes me. But, they both have rare Napier Sabre engines with valve sleeved engines that can be brought back to working order. The Canadian group also has lots of parts taken from wreck sites such wings, landing gears and the rear fuselage of JP843. A lot of work has been done in redoing the rear fuselage. These projects are great for getting inspired on making kits too.

    One more thing, Typhoons where excellent as ground pounders with their rockets and cannons however, 56 percent of the Typhoon pilots where lost. Not a good percentage.

  4. A beautiful Typhoon, Andreas.
    Fools the scale for sure!
    Your "mistake" is unnoticeable.

  5. This is a really excellent argument that this is the best 1/72 Typhoon kit. You have certainly made the most of it. I like the realistic photography also.

  6. Thank you very much gentlemen, allways a pleasure to share my rollouts with you.

  7. Looks good Andreas, well done.

  8. The Typhoon is definitely one of the best looking planes from WW2 and you've done a great job with this Airfix kit, and I love the airfield. Definitely liked.

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A way too big a punch by a little giant, this is for sure a very good work and show of skills
    Nice and sharp work on the details. Good solid work on the weathering and the
    photography is very convincing.
    Nice work overall.

  10. A fantastic build and ditto pictures, Andreas.
    Your build is so realistic that this diorama is hard to distinguish from real.

  11. Thank you very much for your compliments!

  12. This is really great. The finish gives it a nice appearance of a veteran A/C. The photography is top notch as well.

  13. Very nice work Andreas hard to tell its 1/72 - well done!

  14. It looks really great...what a nice build! I have the first version of this kit, and will start working on it shortly.

    I noticed in Image 6 that you glued your wing parts together before slotting the whole thing under the fuselage. Did you encounter any problem fitting the whole wing assembly to the fuselage? I also noticed that you put filler at the wing-fuselage the gap big?

    Finally, what brand of aftermarket cannon did you use?

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