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it's time to get back into build...

March 5, 2015 · in Uncategorized · 12 · 1K

hello there,

these are the results of my first modelling year...i mean i built some kits when i was a schoolkid, but after an almost 20 years long pause i thought, it's time to get back into the was weird, really weird, i couldn't imagine how i was able to work with all the small parts and all. but i'm trying to do my best:)

i know, these are really far from perfect and way too far from your more professional builds, but sometimes it simply feels good to share your efforts with others...hope don't bother too much you all (all is in 1/72 scale, three of them are Academy kits, the Mosquito NF is a Tamiya one, and still misses canopy glass).

next one on the workbench is a gloster meteor f3 from cyberhobby (ex-dragon), hope it'll worth an individual post...



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  1. Mil'an I went over 40 years before I started building models again. Talk about being behind the learning curve, my how things had changed! I do it now just for personal enjoyment and trying to pass that joy on to my grandsons. Hang in there buddy you/ll learn new things and develop new skills with each and every model you build.

  2. Not a bad looking quartet. I was away from the hobby for about 16 years. When I got back into it, there was all this aftermarket stuff that was not around in the 1970s. Like Tom said, hang in there just don't take it too seriously, its only a hobby.

    • yeah, sometimes i take things too serious, it's a bad habit of mine. basically these were testbuilds for me, for using all the before-not-known new techniques, with more or less success. but i'm quite satisfied with them, it was a fun to build them-except the me-262 which was a really cursed one, i really hated that kit:)

  3. Milan: Welcome back! Looks like you're off to a good start.

    All of us (in a lot of cases) stopped after school, what with jobs, family, or for other reasons. A hobby is something you can always come back to, and you can decide how involved you want to be, or to what degree.

    Please yourself, not the mythical "others".

    Falcon and Squadron have sets of vacuform canopies, and probably one for the Mosquito. If the canopy was missing, you might write to Tamiya, and ask for a replacement. Most model companies are responsive.

    Good luck, and don't be afraid to ask us for help and advice.

    Whose ME-262?

    • hello Bernard, thanks for your comment,
      to tell the truth, i have got the mosquito's original canopy, but i had to remove it because i've painted it in a quite ugly way and repainting is on the way...:)
      Me-262 is Academy's kit, which looked really good and well detailed in the box with all the parts on the sprues, but it turned out a really cursed one...everything went wrong with it, i've never thought i could ever finish it.

  4. These models look awesome! Well done. I can't wait to see more of your builds!

  5. Your re start in the hobby looks much like a success, a great quartet of kit.
    The Mosquito is a eyecatcher, great Work !
    And as Morne said, can t wait to see more, enjoy your Meteor 🙂

  6. thanks Morne, thanks Bernd:)
    probably not the Meteor is the next one...too much to scratchbuild for having a proper model...and i think i'm not really in that mood...maybe i need an easier build...tonight is the time for decide this.

  7. Good looking work! Welcome back - looking forward to more. Next time, load up on more angles and views of pictures. I love seeing close up detail!

  8. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you say how much you are enjoying the return! I have been in and out several times over the years, and am always happy when I return!

  9. thanks for all the comments and nice means a lot for me! and tonight painting of mosquito's canopy has done, so it is finally really close to being finished. it's time to start a new "adventure" with dragon's gloster meteor...but i'm a little afraid about scratchbuilding those derwent engines:)

  10. Milan,
    Looking good. Or on you at to doing some great work

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