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Ah, Smithers, Revenge is a sweet thing... And a Rat-Tat-Tat!

Single photo. OK two. This just came together. I am really working on a real model... Really..
California Steve

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  1. Greetings :
    I just finished replying to all who commentated on my recent post, upon getting ready to log off, I saw this.
    It made me laugh, very original, that is a nice one to see ... thank you.

  2. A "real model", you say...? I've seen stuff on here of late that cannot be put into that category. 🙂

  3. To DE...And your Sterling Marlin model is just the best. I am glad you got a laugh.
    I am really working on a real model, Really!
    California Steve

  4. I am sure Bart and Homer are in hot pursuit. Bart as pilot and Homer, drinking a cold Budweiser, firing the 50 cals.

  5. I love it , we need a full shot of this 109 . Great idea .

  6. Perhaps more suited to a Hasagawa egg plane...

  7. Truely like it!

  8. Montgomery Burns to Smithers, do you hear me , damn you Smithers.
    Looking good Steve.
    Keep on the Donuts.

  9. What in the name of the Wide World of Sports is going on here? You ought to be run out of town on blazing saddles for work like this!

  10. HEy,I like Your style! 😀 Brillinat! 😀 😀 😀

  11. Thanks for keeping us down to earth, Steve, sometimes it all gets just that bit too serious.

  12. Thanks George. Sometimes I just have to sacrifice my dignity in the name of modeling. Ah the life of a plastic martyr. Haa Haa!
    I am glad you like.
    California Steve

  13. C. A. ,
    Actually I think this is my neighbor but I didn't know he had a 109. He's a little weird but he's not a bad guy. He will be anxious to see this completed.

  14. Well actually Frank it is about as far as this one goes. I purchased this Huge 1/16 scale 109 because it was priced at about $15.00 at a thrift store.
    It is from 21st Century and came painted and complete. When I saw the Mr. Burns at a 99 cent store it just came together.
    Sorry about your neighbor. But at least he sounds like a nice fellow.
    California Steve

  15. This takes "Loose the hounds!" to a whole new level, Steve!
    You are my kinda guy!

  16. Thanks Bernard, So you have been to the Burns estate, unannounced!
    Like I said, sometimes you just have to have some fun.
    I really am working in a serious model. Really!
    California Steve

  17. 5 stars, Steve ! I needed a smile today !

  18. Thank you Joe, Glad to be of help.
    California Steve

  19. Thats great, Steve. Love it, modelling with a sense of humor. Like the Simpsons very much !

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