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My winter diorama is finished!

May 13, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 20 · 2.5K

This has been a long journey. I usually don't post my projects from start to finish, but you can go to the section and see where I started. This has been a challenge, but very rewarding. This is built for my brother n laws King and Country models. And I will post some better photos when the presentation is done. And with a real camera. But you can get the basic idea. Well I hope you enjoy.
California Steve

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  1. CA Steve,
    This is stunning. I can almost feel the cold and the muddy ground. Beautifully done. I would love to see your brother in laws office. He has to be trilled with what you do.

    • Thanks Frank, I think he will like this dio. His collection of German WWII uniforms and helmets Etc, has just been appraised at 80,000 US. And no he is not a redneck nazi, but a real historian who knows the value of his collection. Not to mention his collection of U.S. military collectibles.
      Anyway this is for his King and Country brand 1/35 scale tanks.
      I will post these photos later.
      Thanks for the nice words,
      California Steve

  2. Very nice work Steve,may I suggest though that it isn't quite finished ,this scene is crying out for more figures,a row of troops trudging along in the same direction perhaps and a couple of men sharing a cigarette behind those sand bags would really bring this to life, definately not a critiscism though.
    Can we have more information about the snow effect and the amazing wet looking muddy road surface please,cheers N.

    • Thanks Neil, Check out my posts in the Diorama section of this website. The base is a plaster base. Painted with water base acrylics. Coated with floor wax (Future), although I think any shiny floor wax will work. The snow is available from the model railroad folks.. Have a go at it. It is really some fun. Oh to answer, There will be soldiers marching along the ridge above the road. Check out the footprints in the snow that I have added.
      Thanks again,
      California Steve

    • I second that

    • Yes I agree. A good set up but hopefully Steve's additional items will 'flesh out' the spaces a little. I think checking out the Moson model show dio images (for example) will offer a few pointers on creating convincing European groundwork and a dynamic for figures and machines in a contained space.

  3. Looking forward to the "final installment", Steve. Always a pleasure to see your imagination at work.

  4. Nice work Steve, I agree with the idea of a few figures somewhere though.
    Your brother in law will be chuffed to nuts with what you have done.

    • We'll I am glad you guys like the dio. The setup we planed will have a antiaircraft gun installment in the lower right corner with a crew of four. And three or four walking solders on the ridge above the road. Two to three tanks will be on the main road with maybe one coming at you on the middle turnout. It will be full.

      Now the King and Country models are just a bit larger than 1/35th scale so my models I set up for the photos look a bit small.

      I hope to deliver this this weekend and I will post a few photos.

      California Steve

  5. A bit deeper mud and he can make good use of the schwimmwagen prop 🙂 ! My feet are freezing when I look at it!



  6. Thanks Magnus, now stay warm!
    California Steve

  7. Brrrr, your winter diorame is looking great, Steve. As said before me, you can really feel the damp coldness.
    Well done 🙂

    • Thank you Bernd, It has a natural wood finish on the frame so I think I am going to paint it black for a stark contrast. These dios I have made for my brother in law sit on glass display show cases full of war memorabilia so black frames will kind of make it disappear.
      Thank for the nice comments.
      California Steve

  8. You've certainly captured the atmosphere of a cold European winter here, Steve. It'll be great to see the fully finished model.

  9. Steve, I'll guessing your brother-in-law is really pleased! What a great background for his models, or anyone elses.
    Do we get to see the whole series sometime?
    Well done, Sir!

  10. Hello Bernard, He hasn't seen this one yet. I think he should like it.
    I am planing a full photo shoot of the dios I have made for him.
    Stay tuned, and thanks for the nice words.
    California Steve

  11. Very convincing diorama Steve. You almost feel cold when looking at it! The mud effects are amazing, as is the attention to detail! The footprints on the paths are a really nice touch!

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