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Tamiya Fw190 F-8 1/48

Well…to be fair,its not a new model per se…finished it 2 years ago or so, but i`m doing some work in the workshop and a display case and had a chance to finally make some pics of it.

This a hypothetical bird,made it more of a relaxing,no frills project, so no historical references were attempted, purely artistic license(that being said, this color combo IS well documented…) . I added some PE harness and antennas.Paints were GunzeSangyo

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9 responses to Tamiya Fw190 F-8 1/48

  1. Very impressive Matija. I like it very much!!! Well done!!!

  2. I build more or less “generic” examples as well….nuthin’ wrong with THAT, Matija. The paint scheme is very well executed. Nice job. 🙂

  3. Looks like a crisp smart,tight,build and a good example of what modeling therapy can do for a modeler. Two thumbs up Matija, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Nice presentation as well……

  5. Matija,
    I love it

  6. Brilliant job ! The different colored parts found on late LW birds look really convincing

  7. Some very nice touches on this Matija.

  8. Great build of a late war, refurbished bird put together from priviously used componants. I like the clear demarcation visible in the paint sceme between the sections. The only thing I am skeptical about are the large white crosses on the wings tops. I have (so far) not seen that style on any FW190 but I am looking fwd to being proven wrong. You never stop learning…

  9. Bravo Matija! Incredibly well executed! I love it!
    And yes, as Uwe said, “thick arm” crosses were used on the top surfaces. But considering it is “what if” build – everything is allowed.

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