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Volkssturm 1/35

After i bought a beautiful Tamiya IS-2, i decided to try and depict harsh conditions of Berlin fighting and the fact that the young and the old defended the city side by side with the soldiers. I started with the stairs idea, i liked a few photos i saw of fighting from the Metro entrances. I adjusted the suspension to fit the stairs, making it lean a bit to the side. The IS was fitted with an Aber PE set plus some plastic strips, fenders cut out and parts rebuilt.I added metal tracks and used the leftover link-and-lenght ones on a ISU-152 project i did after this one. The figure came from a Dragon Volkssturm set, I replaced the head for a Hornet one. Sadly, in a move i managed to damage the other fig that was there and lose the sewer cover…All in all, I was never fully happy as it came out,the russian green came out too dark and i felt i could do more with the groudwork…but alas, it is as it is.

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9 responses to Volkssturm 1/35

  1. Excellent work on this dio, sir….as was your previous posting(s).

  2. Matija your work is beyond amazing!!! Well done!!!

  3. Great take on this subject. I think I may even have seen an archive photo of something similar, perhaps akin to the metro settings you mentioned. Good to see these subjects presented asymmetrically, for added interest.

  4. I love your concept with the diorama and underground stairway. Very cool.
    Very nice modeling Matija.
    California Steve

  5. Nice One. 🙂

  6. Great. I love the work you’ve done with the suspension, as per this picture:

  7. Very well set out, Matija, you’ve captured the atmosphere brilliantly.

  8. Dioramas are not generally “my thing” but I have to say this is certainly one of the most, if not the most impressive ones I have seen, not only for the attetion to detail and perfect shading and weathering but the 3 dimensional effect using the stairway especially. What a great and creative idea and what terrific work bringing it from idea stage to tangible hard copy – Excellent! you are to be commended!

    PS, I like the rubble and desperate looking figure too – it is all very dramatic.

  9. Another great piece of armour! Love the diorama as well.

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