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1/32 Scale Zoukei Mura Raiden

June 9, 2015 · in Aviation · · 22 · 3.1K

I have been posting pictures in the group build of this kit. Well I can finally say that it is complete. I am not a professional Photographer, but I hope you enjoy the pictures non the less, the last pictures I took I placed it with a P 51 Mustang, just to give an idea of the differences between the two aircraft, I am not really that good with putting together a full description of the build, but if anybody wants to know anything, drop me a mail, enjoy. Marc

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  1. Nice work, Marc...where'd ya get that Mustang pilot figure?

    (...and I've seen worse apologies necessary there). 🙂

    • Hi Craig, I ordered the figure for the mustang from Eagle Editions in the US, it is a great figure, a little expensive for a little piece of resin, but worth it in the end, I will post another article in the near future on the Mustang, and I will take pics of the figure for you as well. Thanks for the comment Craig.

  2. said on June 9, 2015

    Fine job on the Japanese Thunderbolt..

    • Hey Bails, I never thought of it as the Japanese Thunderbolt, but looking at that large cockpit, it does look that way, thanks for the comment, Cheers.

  3. said on June 9, 2015


  4. Greetings :
    Nice clean work, the photography is good enough, you did well.

  5. Great Work Marc, love the weathering on the Raiden.

  6. Pretty well "awesome" in my opinion - models and photos too - Keep them coming please!

  7. Hello Marc...that's a fine job you've done on your Raiden build. Great attention to detail and fine paint work. As for your comments about the photography, it appears to me that your camera is capturing the images and details very well. However, you might want to consider using a backdrop such as a large piece of art paper or even a freshly pressed white or light gray sheet under and behind your model. This would blank out the background clutter and allow one's attention to go directly to the plane itself. Please don't take this as criticism as it's merely a suggestion that I think would enhance the presentation of your fine model.

  8. Lovely build there Marc, I was going to same as Jim but he beat me to it.
    I use an off white pillow case.

  9. Hi Simon, yes I am going to give a bit more attention to the photography of the models. Glad you enjoyed the build.

  10. Very nice build.

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    P.k said on June 11, 2015

    LIKE !
    This is a really nice!


  12. It's great, Marc, and I know a model this size is especially difficult to photograph. You could always try taking pictures outside, the natural light usually works very well, just a thought.

  13. Buddy, stunning build. You are starting to become more prolific than me. As usual your build is of the finest quality and definitely in the master class.

  14. I haved missed this beauty ! Congrats to this stunner !

  15. Thanks Bernd, I enjoyed building the Raiden, it was different.

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