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Curtiss Condor II. “William Horlick” – ITC/Glencoe 1:81 – Byrd’s expedition plane

This is the horrible ITC Condor kit, represents Richard Evelyn Byrd’s expedition plane, “The William Horlick” from 1934.

The kit is a “modeling nightmare” – be aware of the one build can find on the net says: “…deep into modelling hades” 🙂 but at least it’s exists so You can have a Condor if You really really really have to have one. Well this kit is a real pig even if You consider it’s age (1952); for example the pilot, copilot and a passenger are the ONLY interior parts in the kit. You have to glue the sides of their seats to the fuselage walls, as there are no floorboards, bulkheads, dashboard or controls. The kits clear parts are about transparent as a glass Coke bottle bottom.

I had to completely rework everything – for example all the wing struts are from sctrach because all supplied with the kit are completely useless. Practically all I can use are the fuselage halves and the wings (mainly, not entirely). Everything else are scratch – including the wing struts, engines, glazing etc. I converted the plane into skys because it feels more of an expedition machine. One of my hardest model builds of my life, but now I like it 🙂 Time heals.

Glencoe buy up old model molds from the 50’s and 60’s from companies that went out of business; like ITC, Aurora, Pyro etc. These molds are – said Glencoe – refurbished and new decals, some new parts and new box arts are added. In reality the new parts actually worst than the originals so this is not a huge improvement in this case, the decals are useable (but tend to silvering). There are a vacuum version in 1:72 on the market of the Condor II. and I don’t know wich requires more work to put together. It is a fun fact that the original mold claimed lost and the original ITC kit became pricey collector’s item (just like Heller’s Couzinet). A story I heard that the mold (partially) found in an old warehouse and when Glencoe bought it the collectors became quite unhappy. Nevertheless the kit rarely seen built and believe me there are several reasons of it 😀

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14 responses to Curtiss Condor II. “William Horlick” – ITC/Glencoe 1:81 – Byrd’s expedition plane

  1. fine job on a tough ill fitting kit…hats off

  2. Extraordinary.

  3. Despite the definition as a “horrible” kit, the outcome wasn’t that horrible. Nice job.

  4. Another exhibition of the sorts of skills we all should use as second-nature, but sometimes overly rely on aftermarket items and princely-sum moulds to do the job for us. I always enjoy seeing your work, Gabor, and this is no exception. The unusual subject, it’s historical reference, and the odd scale, all contribute to a fine model indeed.

  5. Gabor – another fine contribution to the hobby. Wonderful!

  6. Thank You all! One of the kits that I don’t want to build once more 🙂 but the challenge was interesting anyway. I have a Monogram Trimotor in my stash also from the same time in 1:77 (original issue wit some very interesting catalogues and offering leaflets!) wich is a beautiful kit in every respect. No wonder that Monogram lived much longer than ITC 🙂 – but if I found an ITC Stinson somewhere I think I would give it a try 😀

    • Gabor, Bravo! ITC made stuff nobody else has or did. Looong time ago, thus the crudity compared to currently available items.
      Phenominal job on the interior, and the overall build.
      Hope you find the Stinson, which is also a grail of mine.
      The Monogram Tin Goose- is it the one with the skis and dogsled and team?
      Antartic planes, could be a seperate theme. Max decals (in Ireland) has a dedicated sheet for helos, and some of his other sheets have Deep Freeze subjects, sometimes 1/72, or 1/48th.

  7. Hi Gabor, what a wonderful build, well done, great detail and paint job.

  8. Beautiful piece of work, great paint scheme, nice photography.

  9. It seems as though you actually enjoyed building this “horrible kit”, Gabor, thank you for sharing your experience, and for showing us the model.

  10. Splendid modelling, great subject !

  11. Superb work Gábor, sometimes the kits we struggle with the most become our favourite models 😉

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