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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I in 1/48 from Italeri.

June 21, 2015 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.5K

This model represents a Mk.I in October 1940. Along with the Sea Hurricane this kit is a new release from . I found it a fairly straight forward build although the fit of the leading edge of the wing roots required a bit of filler & I replaced the canopy wit a vac-form item from Falcon which has finer detail. There are several choices for the markings & two spinner/propellor combinations. All told I'm fairly happy with it. Murphy's law strikes again though; Airfix has just brought out their Mk.I & it looks absolutely superb, so maybe that will be next. We'll see...

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  1. Very nice. Love the weathering and camo.

  2. Nicely finished and photographed, Tony...I like it.

  3. Nice job, i especially like underside painting and weathering.

  4. Great job Tony, Love the Camo, Nice.

  5. To my eyes, Hurricanes always look more "business like" than Spitfires, and this certainly looks the business, lovely finish and nice photographs.

  6. Really nice model. Ummm... there wasn't an American Eagle Squadron numbered 151. There was 71, 121 and 133. There may have been several Americans flying in 151 in October, which is early for the formation of the Eagle Squadrons, since 71, the first one, didn't get organized till late November, and wasn't airborne in their Hurricanes till January 1941 and didn't enter combat till May. Not a complaint about the modeling.

    • Thanks Tom. I should have checked as I made the mistake of accepting Italeri's data for option 'B' on their instruction/data sheet. Could be a typo for '121'. They say it was based at Digby & flown by Plt. Off. J. Havilland.

  7. Yeah as George says, the Hurricane does look more bussiness like than the Spitfire, sort of like a thickset navvie in dungerees and holding a cosh, compared to a slick haired dude in an immaculate pinstripe suit, holding a Tommie gun! Also like Tom, have to say Tony, fantastic modelling and love the paint and subtle weathering finish. However as a comment on the kit itself, it does seem to me the profile shape of the top cowling is too straight? I think Airfix has nailed the shape of the nose a lot better than Italeri?

    • Hi James. Thanks for the comments. I have the Airfix kit as you might have guessed & I think you'e right about the cowling. It seems only slight but it's there. I'm looking forward to the Airfix kit but will probably do something else first.

  8. Nice looking build and paint application.

  9. A very nice Hurricane, with your usual well applied and effective weathering.
    Well done 🙂

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