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RAAF Tomahawk Mk.IIb by Airfix

This is my second scale ; this time in the guise of a IIb as flown by Wing Commander Peter Jeffrey, 3 Squadron , in the western desert in 1941.

Our IPMS-NSW club has a group build coming up later this year & has chosen this kit as its subject; to be built strictly out of the box, with the exception of seat belts. The pilot figure from the kit is optional & alternative decals may be used (to avoid having 24 identical Tomahawks!) . I've used a few tweaks to enhance my build: stretched sprue for aerials, brake lines, tail wheel door actuators, radiator shutter rods & a gunsight filed from the kit sprue with a clear sprue reflector glass, mounted on a cross bar from the same stuff. All from the box contents.

Unfortunately Airfix appears to have forgotten to include a gunsight for this version. Perhaps they overlooked the differences between the US & P-40 models. Fortunately there are several good references on the web, so problem solved. You can see it if you look hard! Thanks for looking.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

25 responses

  1. Hi Tony. This is a real gem of a kit and you made the best of it. Well done! I am looking at doing a similar camouflaged Tomahawk as used by the SAAF in North Africa. Some of the SAAF Tomahawks had some nice nose art to add to the desert camouflage. Cheers!

  2. That's a very pretty kitty Tony.

  3. That is an awesome looking Tomahawk Tony! Excellent finish. I residually love your treatment of the non skid on the wings. Looks dusty!

  4. Nice job, Tony - and who says OOB can't be a "winner"..? I like it.

  5. Good work, Tony!

  6. I really like this Tony. Excellent work and a great result.

  7. Outstanding, Tony! OOB CAN be fun!

  8. An excellent Tomahawk build!, cockpit detail is great.

  9. Excellent indeed Tony. There's always room for a few more P-40's. Its one of my favorite planes. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  10. Great looking P-40 Tony. I’m currently working on my first P-40. Such a classic warbird. You did it justice on this build.

  11. Great job, Tony! What paints did you use?

  12. Excellent build and finish. I just did my first N. Africa/desert scheme (a Hurricane), and I'm itching to do some more as it is really an eye-catching scheme. I also need a P-40 in British pajamas, so this may be the ticket!

  13. Very nice. When you say it's "all from the box" does the kit include seat belts?

  14. Thanks Michael. No seat belts in the kit so I did use an Eduard set. If you need to be strictly OOB you could use painted paper strips cut from the instructions I suppose. Otherwise, everything you see is from the box contents & this includes a scratch built gunsight (from clear sprue) & brake lines & various actuating rods from stretched sprue The upper hinge bracket for the rudder was also replaced, again with sprue, as the kit part is moulded solid & on both sides of the rudder, which my references tell me is wrong & should be port side only.

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