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Imperial Days...1/48 Oeffag Albatros D.III, kuk Luftfahrtruppen

One of my dad´s rare excursions to WW1 and another addition for our Austrian homeland collection. Eduard kit oob, elastic thread for rigging, wings painted with a light gray and Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan, fuselage painted with a [...]

Albatros D.III OAW, Jasta 50, 1917

Roden 1/32 + WNW decals + Gaspatch. I didn't find pictures of the wings and I didn't know the exact colour of ribs. I chose pink, but blue could be equally valid. Rigging not yet finished.

Eduard 1/48 Pfalz Diii

1/48 Eduard Pfalz Diii . Flown by Ltn Hans Muller, Jasta 18 April 1918. Easy build so I've picked something hard next. RFC Be-2.. ugghh... good thing I like rigging ?

Eduard 1/48 Albatros D-iii

Another one down. Albatros D-iii 204/t6 flown by Ernst Hess, Jasta 28w. He got his 4th to 14th victories in this aircraft. His final tally 17 kills before he was shot down and killed Christmas Eve, 1917. Eduard 1/48 kit. Was a very easy [...]

Albatros D III 1:32 Roden in camo of Lothar Von Richthofen

This is a period that I am very interested in WWI airplane. This is a Roden kit, 1/32, of albatros D III whit the camouflage of Lothar von Richthofen, son of Manfred. It’s a good kit, but not at a level of Wingnutwings. The work table [...]



Lothar Von Richthofen Albatros D III - Roden - 1:32

Dear friends, this is a project that I start in summer. This week end finally I finish it. I have built it out of the box. For rigging I have used the Uschi Van der Rosten wire and the 0,5 mm rod by Albion Alloy. For the wood graining i [...]

Wingnut wings 1/32 Daimler-Mercedes D.III engine

I finished new engine for Albatros D.V. I just add spark plug and cable.

Albatros D III Eduard 1:48

This is a test to simulate wood. I bought an Albatros D V from Wingnut Wings and I'm practicing.

Albatros D.III OEF

Ola As promised, the last one to leave the hangar for this year, an Eduard Albatros D.III in 1:48 My first stringbag to date, had some struggles but not too bad as such. The pics are...bad 🙂 But I CBA to do them better at this point, so [...]