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A Catalina for my Dad.

Having only just joined this site, I was/am a little reticent about posting an article in to ‘Headlines’ – it seems a little ‘pushy’ to me. However a couple of the guys suggested it would be fine and it’s likely a few more folks may see it here, so…
* * *
This is very personal to me. My dad died many years ago, and tho’ he never really took much interest in my hobby through the years, he did ask a number of times, if I would build a Catalina – I always said I would and I never did.

Dads interest stemmed back to the very dark days (for the UK), of 1941, A Catalina (and some other types) came to Liverpool on a ‘moral raising’ trip, Dad was 14 and was lucky enough to be taken aboard and given a joy-ride. He never forgot it.

I’d searched for this Aeromaster sheet for years and years, it popped-up on eBay in January, I bought it, bought the kit and the result is here. Xtracolour enamels throughout and hopefully Dad would’ve been happy with it… I am.

Thanks for looking.


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24 responses to A Catalina for my Dad.

  1. Post all you want-we’ll read more. Great Cat, weathered well. Like the bottom staining.

  2. You and your Dad should indeed be proud of your accomplishment. Nice work.

  3. Hey Ian, I know exactly how you felt about posting, but its great really, nice folks, always feel welcome and glad I joined.
    That is a heck of an impressive Catalina! And its great you have a story to share that helps bring it to life even more!
    I look forward to seeing more of your work on here!

  4. Nice work Ian and welcome aboard. I’m fairly new to this sight also, but have came to realize quickly that this is just a bunch of good old model guys sharing our beloved hobby. From the work I see here you must have more to share. I for one, look forward to seeing more of what you’ve got. What scale and kit is this one ????

  5. Can’t beat a flying boat for looks, especially the Catalina. Very nice work and finish.

  6. Really nice work, I particularly like the staining as an old flying boat guy myself. That’s the Catalina that rediscovered the Bismarck after she sank the Hood.

  7. Particularly nice finish, and better late than never.

  8. a wonderful tribute to your Dad, and a beautifully finished model – well done!

  9. Great aircraft, great model, great story.

  10. Thanks all, really appreciate the comments. It’s a sadness to me that I didn’t get around to building this when dad was alive, but equally, even if the kit and decals had been around twenty-five years back, my skills would not have been up-to-the-task.



  11. Great to have you posting such a nice build, and a wonderful tribute to your Dad, I am sure he would have liked this Catalina. I do, nice work.

  12. Told you it was worth posting….

  13. That’s a very good looking Cat, Ian, as well as a great story. Keep them coming.

  14. Nicely done Ian a great Cat there.
    Well done mate.

  15. A great looking Cat Ian!!! Well done and welcome to a great site!!!

  16. Really nice work on the Catalina, Ian, looks great in RAF colours. You’ve done your Dad proud.
    Is this the Monogram 1/48 kit?

  17. Hello Ian and welcome to imodeler. Thanks for sharing your fine Catalina build and your Dad’s story. I look forward to seeing more of your modeling

  18. She’s a fine ship !!

  19. Beautiful Cat – I’ve got 2 to build in 1/72 scale, and I really like the markings/scheme on this one. You also did a great job with the finishing/weathering – I’ll use as a reference.

    And – welcome to the site! As the others have said, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  20. Greetings :
    A very beautiful work Ian, and the weathering is just fine as is.
    Touching story is very compelling … nice work.

  21. Thanks once again all. Yep, just to clarify this is the 1:72 Academy kit built out of the box with only a set of (excellent) Eduard masks as any sort of addition. Painted throughout with Xtracolour enamels.

    The ‘tide line’ is simply an oil dot wash but not taken to the usual conclusion – I keep MIKE GRANT’s Lancaster article from a few years back very close by whenever I attempt this method.

    So I’m guessing it’s OK to post another build with a personal back-story ??


  22. Ian, don’t feel bad about posting. The group here is as good as they come and are more than willing to help you out if you need it.

    Good looking Cat. I just finished the Academy PBY-4, which was a nice building model.

    BTW – the models with back stories are the best ones.

  23. Very glad you posted this in Headlines, Ian, I’m sure you appreciate the feedback you’ve got already. I’m not sure, however, about the term “bottom staining”! Only joking……….

  24. It would be fine to post ten articles in the headlines… Especially if they are that good! Very nice model Ian, the weathering on the bottom is very impressive.

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