Sikorsky HO4-S1 – REVELL – 1/48

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Model finalized in 2009 contemplating a kit Sikorsky HO4-S1 enriched with various details in scrathbuilding.
Many details are functional (motor collapsible doors and main rotor).
The painting was based on rescue squads American Navy.
I hope you find a nice result.


Alexandre Rezende

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  1. It's a lovely effort! Congratualtions to your first posting at iModeler, welcome onboard!

  2. Nice, and impressive too.
    Well done Alexandre.

  3. Much better than mine turned out...well done indeed!

  4. nicely detailed, expertly weathered, and working parts! this is a masterpiece!

  5. Outstanding work! Go Navy!

  6. WOW, nice work.

  7. Beautiful work. We don't see enough rotor-blade offerings here. Good to see someone 'flying the flag'.

  8. Good looking helicopter, Alexandre, well detailed and with working parts, fantastic!

  9. Very impressive. Your detail work on the winch, rotor head and engine is superb.

  10. It would look better in US Coast Guard colors...HA, I'm only kidding, very nice build, love the engine compartment!

  11. Nice chopper! The detailing is superb. It looks like you have put a lot of effort into that.

  12. Considering the age of that kit (something around 60 years since first released), the work you have done here with all of that is just amazing. It really looks wonderful.

  13. Greetings :
    Good work Alexandre, that Sikorsky chopper seems up to date considering the age of the kit. You did fine and you picked the right scheme for it.

  14. Alexandre, outstanding work on the old girl. As Tom pointed out, this kit has been around for a loooong time, and yours is the best execution of one I've seen. Of course, I keep hoping some backward thinking firm releases a "new" one of these with at least some of the bells and whistles. Someplace in the pile I have an orange one from Revell GB. The airframe is a favorite of mine, and a true pioneer.

  15. looks great

  16. This is a very nice effort! I like it very much! Well done!

  17. Alexandre, you bet! I used to "ride" in those, so it's (Hahahahaha) a favorite! The museum has one that it is restoring, which actually saw service in the RVN. Once she's done, I'll try to get some photos posted.
    Our flightline is across the ramp from the Maryland State Police helicopter facility. Medivacs. The Maryland Air Nat'l Guard (A-10s) is on the other side of the field.

  18. Hello Alexandre,
    I know how this model looks when you open the box.
    So you did a excellent job.

  19. I really like this. Could easily tempt me to buy one of the H-34 kits.


  20. Let me see, actual Folding Blades-Check! Opening Engine Compartment-Check! Amazing detail-Check! Ready for lift-off! Outstanding...Breathtaking. A true labor of love I guess? That confirms it...I want one!

  21. Amazing! A truly piece of art! Congratulations

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