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So you like 1/72 Japanese ‘eh ? Try my Mavis.

This is the old Hasegawa kit I did a few years ago. Still looks sharp. I think I might try to set up another shoot with the new Canon.

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31 responses to So you like 1/72 Japanese ‘eh ? Try my Mavis.

  1. Nice build, Phil…..that thing either landed on the frozen tundra somewhere or you need to iron your backdrop. LOL – 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice Phil, Very nice build.

  3. That does indeed look sharp, Phil. Nice build of a pretty old kit, and a beautiful aircraft.

  4. Mavis is beautiful!

  5. Phil, love them flying boats! Good one about the snow! Got an Emily?

  6. It looks indeed very sharp, great build with this very nice chipped paint job

  7. Very nice indeed. The weathering looks great!! Well done!!!

  8. Nice work Phil, looks OK to me.

  9. Beautiful Mavis Phil! I like the weathering and chipping, and would love to have a more close up view of your rigging. I’ve got one of these, as well as the Emily, in my stash and I’ll come back here to use your build as a reference.

    • Thanks Greg !! This thing had a lot of rigging and it took some planning to lay out the drill points during construction. Some were supplied such as on the floats.( the only close up I made) but the struts had none. If you build it note that the center pylons need to be reversed and the struts need a bit of lengthening.

  10. Hasagawa made some beautiful flying boat kits in the 1970’s, I wish they’d offer them again, the Shin Meiwa, Emily, Marlin and your nice build…

  11. Very nice modeling phil. I have a picture of my Dad standing next to the remains of one of these.

  12. terrific post…looks like an ungainly and difficult build…wonderful subject and result

  13. Phil,

    I did one of these years ago and it did not look anywhere as good as you have done with this. This is not an easy kit to build and you did a great job.

  14. Finished this old model in a very high standard. This was truly a workhorse from the japanese Fleet Air Arm.

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