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Hasegawa 1/72 Kawanishi H6K5 "Mavis"

Hi everyone! Here is my 1/72 Kawanishi H6K5 "Mavis" flying boat, done about ten years ago. The Kawanishi H6K was an Imperial Japanese Navy flying boat produced by the Kawanishi Aircraft Company and used during World War II for [...]

Trumpeter 1/144 H6K5 "Mavis"

From the Water Wings Group Build. Nicely fitting kit, well, for the most part, but quite a few inaccuracies, that manages somehow to be both ugly and elegant.

So you like 1/72 Japanese ‘eh ? Try my Mavis.

This is the old Hasegawa kit I did a few years ago. Still looks sharp. I think I might try to set up another shoot with the new Canon.