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1-35 Model Victoria: On Russian front summer 1942

This is resin figures from Italian producer Model Victoria in 1-35 scale.
It represents a forcibly mobilized solder from
okupacion zone of SLOVENIA,part of Kingdom JUGOSLAVIA which was taken after WWI by Italy.
from 1919-1945.
Fascist Italy was forcibly mobilized local youth
boys and entered into the military departments to the front and Abissinia, Greek, Libia, Russia..


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7 responses

  1. Hi P.k. As someone who avoids painting figures like the plague, I'm impressed by the paint detail you've achieved on such a small model; it could easily pass for something in a larger scale. If I had one minor comment, it's that his eyeballs appear to be looking in two slightly different directions.

  2. Nice figurine PK.

  3. eyeballs really look at the picure strange and offset.
    with the naked eye live is not observed.
    once fix maybe?
    im figures build and paint once a decade.

  4. Armed with a short rifle is Carcano m38 rifle 7.35mm .

    which I have in my collection .

  5. Great painting work there. The cloth texture is lovely. The eyes are the hardest part and the thing that everyone looks at first, unfortunately. I think my eyes might be crossed after being ‘forcibly mobilized’! 1/35 scale is tiny for figures, isn’t it?

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