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The Need for Speed: Mk IV Mosquito PR Tamiya 1:48

October 18, 2019 · in Aviation · · 30 · 2.4K

Greetings, brothers. Here is my humble submission for a couple of GBs I obligated myself to, but heretofore have been unable to fulfill. One is the Centennial RAF GB, hosted by my friend Paul Barber (@yellow10); the other is iModeler at the Movies (you can see which movie I chose in that GB thread) hosted by another dear friend, David Leigh-Smith (@dirtylittlefokker). I appreciate these artists and their leadership in their respective GBs, as well as their permission to submit this build as a twofer.

I enjoyed this kit, though I have to admit I wrestled with it through no fault of engineering (this build was strictly OOB, except for the Montex masks, which proved a disappointment anyway, as they were the older black vinyl which didn't conform well to the curve of the glazing and ended up leaving me a mess of adhesive to clean up). I simply have had too much time between builds, so I get rusty. Life, you know, has a way of disrupting the crucial task of airplane building. I ran into trouble, above all for the simple reason that it was an eBay purchase that was a rook: whoever sold it had plundered the kit of a couple of sprues. It was Louis Gardner (@lgardner) and Chuck Villanueva (@uscusn) who rescued me by providing me with crucial parts to complete the project. Thank you, my brothers. I also want to mention Tom Bebout (@tom-bebout) who gave crucial counsel regarding how I should achieve evenness of sheen after dealing with (and resolving) troublesome silvering of the "keep off" decals that frame the cockpit.

I've always loved the Mossie, in part because my dad was so enthusiastic about the plywood wonder, and in part because I consider it the prettiest plane WW2 saw, either from the Axis or the Allies (just my opinion). I chose to the do the all blue Photo Recon version, mostly because I was pressed for time (I couldn't handle all the camo just now, given some "life issues--my own personal "need for speed"), but also because the more I looked at it the more I thought how understated the all-blue PR bird really was. With no armament except cameras and velocity, it was every bit as lethal to the enemy as its bomb and gun-laden brothers. I also decided to do the plane "wheels up," as it seems few if any have been built that way on iModeler, as popular as the bird (and this kit in particular) is; the landing gear is so cool it's hard to imagine the kit any other way! But in my view the glory of the is its lines in flight, so I built her that way. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks again to my brother Greg Kittinger (@gkittinger), who taught me how to mount planes this way.

Let me also say blue is an appropriate hue in this case, because I have a case of the swan song blues. This will be my last build for a long while, and perhaps ever. Major life changes are taking me back into humanitarian missionary service overseas, a shift I am deeply grateful for but that doesn't give me the calm necessary to build models. I've enjoyed the camaraderie of you all, my friends.

Best blessings,


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  1. David, this was very much worth the wait! Absolutely stunning. The colour, finish and weathering are sensational. What really stands out though, is the fact that we have a mozzie in flight! The aspect and the beautiful form of the aircraft itself make it seem as if it is pushing through the air. Well done on the stand and the careful choice of angle. It takes a certain kind of man to be a finisher. It is just so impressive that you got back to the GB and delivered. Thank you so much!

  2. David, nice Mossie, and as Paul stated in flight it's most natural state. Brother never say never, the path your about to follow will be a fulfilling one. But regardless this "last" is a grand slam. Perseverance and passion shows right off the pages. Even as a recon it did have purpose in it's mission. The PRU Blue is totally British, and you captured it well. Beautiful work on an amazing aircraft of the day. Nailed it, and humbly thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless you and your family and keep you. Will keep in touch.

  3. I like this one very much David. PRU blue and a Mossie is a winning combination, even more when it has a depth so realistic. Well done!
    Too bad life will take you apart from models and probably from a regular presence here, all the best in your new challenges David

  4. My oh my David, you really came across the finish line in glorious fashion. Well done my friend, and best of luck on your new life adventures. I sent blessings from the Bebout house to yours and I'm sure you'll be rewarded for your work. I'm confident you'll be back, as I took a 50 plus year hiatus from the hobby. Things do work out, and I would really like to know what PR Blue did you use for this bird? Looks great!

    • Thanks so much, Tom. And thanks for help with the final dull coat; you saved my bacon! The blue is Tamiya AS-19 medium blue from a rattle can. I decanted it and worked out the gasses over a few days before administering it from an airbrush.

  5. David @davidathomas, Wow...just plain Wow! Marvelous looking bird. I too have a soft spot for the Mossie and agree with you sentiments. One of the best looking aircraft from that era if not THE BEST of all. Loved it as a kid and I was fortunate enough some 20 years ago to be up close and personnel with one twice in one year. Once in the U.S. and a few months later in the U.K.

    Best of luck in your new adventures and please, keep in touch with us when you can. I'm sure we would all enjoy hearing from you.

  6. Lovely build, sir...well done. Take care in your endeavors.

  7. Hey David. What were the crucial parts you were missing, along with the sprues?

    • I was missing the entire "J" sprue, which included vital parts for the interior and the under part of the airplane. And the nose glazing was missing. Chuck gave me those. Louis helped me with the figurines, since I was the culprit on having previously used them for my P-38M project (found here on iModeler).

  8. David, @davidathomas
    My dear friend. This brand new Mosquito of yours is the best one that I have ever seen built ! I sincerely mean what I say... it's that good. The end result was worth every bit of effort. You completed your mission and did it very well.

    I especially like your choice with how it's displayed. In flight "ala Greg Kittinger style" ... This captures the graceful lines of this type particularly well.

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you and become a friend. Please keep in touch with us as often as you can. I would hope that eventually you can get back to the hobby someday. Never say never... There was also a time in my life that I thought I would never build anything again ...I had been away from the hobby for about 15 years.

    It's amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye. When you least expect it, expect it. Your chosen profession is a path that many will not ever experience, and I commend you for your work. There is no higher calling.

    Take care my friend, and I'm honored to have helped you along the way.

  9. Great work on this David! I've always liked the PR version.

  10. Well Dave , it has been a while but you really made a special job of this well done. We became a little acquainted during your G.B. and I enjoyed our chats ,I was only looking at that Avia a few days ago, I promise you I will build it and do it justice.
    Good luck with your future plans whatever and wherever they be, you're one of the good guys what we call a keeper !

    • Thanks, Neil. You're a pal. Yeah, long time away from the bench and now again indefinitely. But I feel great about this life change. Nothing is gained without paying some kind of price.

  11. Hello David.
    That's a very nice Mosquito. I also like the action shots you've taken with it mounted on the base.

  12. Beautifully done, nice in flight presentation, love the all blue recon scheme.

  13. Love the paintwork, with a monochrome scheme, doing what you did is crucial. Looks great!

  14. A Mossie is a Mossie, enough said. And your build is a nice one.
    But let me focus on a much important topic and congratulate you on your mission and wish you ALL the best!
    good luck, and godspeed to you sir

  15. That's a real beauty for a "send-off" project! Love the Mossie as well, and you definitely did her justice. Looks fantastic! Blessing in Ecuador - you'll be on our prayer list. (Lots of time for quiet reflection and prayer sitting at the desk spending hours re-shaping Mach2 Savage prop blades...better use of mental energy than uttering the words I'd be ashamed to have someone hear!)

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