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Monogram 1/48 Dassault Mirage 2000

August 14, 2015 · in Aviation · · 29 · 4.2K

The model is the , the instructions are dated 1986. I built the kit somewhere between '93 and '95. It had never been photographed at all until last Tuesday. When it was built way back then, I had very little experience with weathering and wear on aircraft and most attempts were not that good. As my meager skills in that part of the art grew, I felt better about newer builds and sort of looked down on my old efforts. After I started using digital cameras to record my planes, some older builds never got any consideration. I'm trying to change that attitude now.

The paint was Model Master camouflage gray and a custom-mixed blue (tried to match a blue I'd seen in pics somewhere), both enamels, done with my Paasche H and an ancient, pulsing ol' compressor that made an horrendous noise. Originally it carried two Exocets but I robbed one for my CSAF Mirage F-1 and used the kit-supplied drop tank in it's place. I did add some gee-gaws to the cockpit that look okay still. I notice a bit of silvering, and some discoloration around a few decals. That's happened in the last 6 or 7 years, but hey, they were laid down a long time ago. All in all, she turned out better in pics than in person. I think she's passed the test of time, and my model-building prowess quite well. Thanks for having a look!

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  1. Awesome, perfectly painted and the photos are just great,

  2. Exquisitely finished and photographed, sir...nice work indeed.

  3. Thanks guys! Sometimes I get lucky with the oughts and ones, lol.

  4. Monogram was and still is high quality molds.
    Gary proved this again. It looks excellent.

  5. Very nice. I remember that kit as not one of their better ones, so kudos for "getting it very right."

    If you want to do a "save" of the decals, slice them in the silvering areas with the tip of a#11 blade several times over each, then flood the area with decal solvent, which will penetrate and (mostly) get everything to lay down. Repeat until it's all gone. Wash the model and apply an overall new coat of clear varnish. Voila! You have a "new" model.

  6. Thanks Dirk and Tom! I appreciate the kind words a lot. Hell, I still have Monogram builds that haven't been photographed yet. Hey, I'll be back at the airport soon...

  7. MONOGRAM 1/48 It is based on the first series from the production
    first from early 80 before that it was ESCI prototipe.
    It really kit mirage 2000 of Heller and the new Kinetic in 1/48,.
    but yours is beautiful build & paint.


  8. Gary,Really looks nice, your color scheme is very attractive. having photographed it outside really adds some a quality to it. Nice work all around.

  9. Thanks a lot Terry! I really like natural light for photographing my models. I wish I had room for a dedicated indoor photo area with proper lighting. I appreciate your kind comments.:)

  10. There's something really cool about a delta wing aircraft, to my eyes they look more futuristic that a conventional airplane. Great job and neat photos!

  11. Thank you Mike! I agree with you, those deltas are futuristic. Buck Rogers in a Mirage maybe? I'm glad you liked her!

  12. You did a fine job on it, and fantastic photography. I built this kit when I was just starting to get back into building years ago and was practicing with an airbrush. That was before I decided to only build 1/72, and before I decided to brush paint only! (at least until I can create a venting spray booth I feel comfortable mounting in my house!).

    • Thanks Greg! Brush painting? You're a braver man than me, :). Seriously, I'm lucky to pull off a good AB paint job.

      I airbrush inside, no vent, and use enamels only. I do have a little fan to blow the fumes away from the work table. Since I was a commercial/residential painter for many years, I rarely notice any smells. Neither does the rest of the family for that matter; I guess it smells like money to them...or at least it once did! Thanks a bunch Greg!

  13. Wow! great modeling on one of the most beautiful aircraft ever.
    I keep going back to review the photos. Nope, not board yet!
    Great stuff Gary.
    California Steve

  14. Many thanks Steve! I'm so glad you're enjoying the pics sir, after looking them over myself, I kind of like the third from the last a lot (starboard 3/4 view). It seems to give that Mirage a "look" I had never noticed before, more aggressive and predatory. Thanks so much!

  15. Lovely work Gary. It is a nice kit.
    I built this in the last 80s, brush painted and all. i still have most of it 🙂

  16. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Clean work and photography. Those Mirages always did have a certain grace to their airframe.

  17. Thanks Ray! Much appreciated I assure you.

    Thanks DE! Yep, those Mirage fighters are sexy beasts aren't they?

  18. Great photographs really help to set off this handsome model, these classic Monogram kits seem to have a lot of fans.

  19. Nice well painted jet Gary, it could be a real one looking at the photos!

  20. A very nice build from your collection, Gary. Flawless and perfect. And it looks really nice, presented like your other Momograms.

    • Thanks Brend! While far from flawless, and replete with mistakes, it's held up okay. Thank you for your great compliments Bernd! 🙂

      • Beautiful Mirage, Gary ! Build this one at some time in the 1990s
        as a Revell release, it was a nice build, but i messed up the windscreen, trying to hide the seam.
        Its still here but in a bad condition, may i give this one a second go and solve the problems.

        • You really should give it a go Bernd. No doubt it's salvageable in your hands now.

          • Hope i have still all the parts, its suffered a "hard landing" with all the landing gear broke away. Older kits like this are stored on the attic in big boxes to prevent them from further damage.
            Thanks for the motivation 😉 i should have a look ...

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