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Somewhere in the desert.

Kits included in this diorama are tamiya 1/35 marine apc along with a verlinden middle easter house she’ll. Groundworks are really sand supplied courtesy of the pottery industry, vermiculite used to simulate rubble and deer hair for the small grass tufts.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to Somewhere in the desert.

  1. Nice little build, Steven….I like it – deer hair?. Sounds like there’s a whole other story behind that. 🙁

  2. Steve, nice, clean build! I’d never have thought about using deer hair.

  3. Welcome aboard, Steven. Splendid diorama, with an arabic house, that have seen better times.
    The idea with the hair looks successful, well done.
    May a stupid question, what type of AFV is this ?

  4. Nice posting mate, it`s a shame that there was no interior detailing with the kit but the diorama looks great.
    Well done and welcome to the mad house LOL.

  5. Looks great! I like the atmospheric lighting in the photos. Good job.

  6. Nice simple diorama, and fun to see desert for a change, as it seems to make for an entirely different type of weathering – less mud and grunge and more “sand blasting” and such!

    I was going to comment on hoping that the venison from which the hair was extracted was tasty, but see the hair was purchased! Good use of animal hide anyway!

    • You would think that desert is easy after all it’s just sand but believe me getting the stuff to stick was a right Royal pain in the old glutius. Several attempts were made btu in the end ensuring the base was primed and soaked in hair spray ensured the first dusting of sand stayed put long enough to get a second and third layer in place again with copious hair spray before allowing to dry and then finally paint. Getting the right sand was solved thanks to my contacts in the pottery industry.

  7. So let’s see; you’re a deer plucker! Hilarious – and you got realistic results.

    A bunch of years ago (over 35) I did a diorama featuring a Tamiya British Crusader in the desert. I understand you’re not from America, but do you know of Elmer’s white glue? It’s water based and I BELIEVE has some sort of dairy product. Anyway, I mixed Elmers with around 50/50% water & glue. It did a GREAT job holding the sand, dirt, and small stones (several layers) on my diorama. Like yours, it was essentially flat and I put it over a piece of wood that I varnished before putting on the 1st layer of glue, sand and dirt. It’s old school, but it works. I wish I had a photo of it but I never took a picture of it and I don’t even know where it is right now! In my garage, I suppose. It’s a bottomless pit out there! Ha!

    Great work!

    PS – I hope your medical issues are much better now.

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