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Wingnut Wings Rumpler C.VI Late.

August 11, 2015 · in Aviation · · 24 · 2.9K

Here is my latest model. Not much needs to be said about these kist as they are literally the nicest kits you could ever imagine constructing.

Gas Patch turnbuckles/brass tube ends.
EZ Line rigging
Masking tape to depict the intake manifold heat protection.
Aviatic Lozenge decal.
Uschi Woodgrain decal.
Master Barrels machine gun.

I wanted to capture the contrasting wood, wire, leather and fabric components of the model hence the harsh lighting taken in direct sunlight. I hope it looks real enough this way.

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  1. Beautifully done Eric.

  2. Just superb Eric, you've simulated the various materials perfectly – the polished wood, chipped metal, mud-stained fabric etc. The more I look at your detail photos, the more I see 🙂 How do the turnbuckles attach to the wires?

    • Looks like it might be the method where a tiny piece of metal tube is slid up (loose) along the rigging line, the line is then secured to the eyelet and the tub slid down over the eyelet to make a neat cover. It's more 'traditional' than Gas Patch or Bobs Buckles, but it works nicely. A guy in our club just did a WnW Roland this way.

  3. I'm gobsmacked !

  4. That is one beautiful model!

  5. Simply perfect!

  6. very very nice build!

    My WNW Pfalz III still waiting.


  7. A beautiful model of a graceful looking machine.

  8. Quit posting beautiful models like this, you're ruining the hobby for the rest of us!

  9. Impressive workmanship, sir...definitely outta my league.

  10. Wow...what a beautiful piece of modeling! Nice kit or not, it takes impressive skills to achieve that kind of results!

  11. I've been lucky to see this in person, beautifull workmanship!
    Eric used gaspatch turnbuckles I believe

  12. M-m-m, looks great!

  13. Looks like a real one, awesome !

  14. OH boy where not even in the middle of the month of August ...usually the Dog days of modeling and It's like falling into the "Land of the Giants". In modeling that is. Eric, a very strong piece of work that photographs well and is worthy of being in a museum and on the cover of a magazine. This month the Judges will have to sharpen the pencils and have to keep their cool. Yet another strong candidate for "Model of the Month." We still have another 20 days ...

    Eric,thank you for sharing.

    Two thumbs up.

  15. Really a stunning looking model Eric. Thanks for posting it.

  16. I've not seen many better finishes on a WW kit. Brilliant effort. Just beautifully done.

  17. Really really really excellent! Those B&W photos make it look real.

  18. Thanks guys.

    To answer Mike, I used Gaspatch turnbuckles for the bottom wings and small brass tubing that I cut to length for the top wings, which were anchored by the excellent gas patch anchors.


  19. Un-Bee-leev-able. A masterpiece, front to back. I quit.
    As far as I know, nobody has won best of the month back-to-back. This might very well do it.

  20. That's a work of art. Beautiful.

  21. Incredible! Skills beyond my imagining, yes, a master-work for sure!

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