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1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter F.Mk.6

November 7, 2015 · in Aviation · · 11 · 29.7K

I bought this kit about 9 years ago and kept it in the attic until such time as I felt I had the skill to do it justice. About 18 months ago I felt that my confidence was at a level to give it a go, and 9 years after the initial purchase she's done and dusted.

Kit Manufacturer:
Kit No. 04727
Type: Hawker F.Mk.6

Extras used: OOB (Out of the Box) apart from Tamiya tape / copper wire seat harness, electrical bootlace ferrules for cartridge ejector ports and fuel dump valve, minor scratch building on control column using plasticard.
Paints and colours used: Undersides Mr Metal Color Aluminium (MC218) coated with Klear and then Humbrol Matt Cote to simulate High Speed Silver. Tamiya RAF Dark Green 2 (XF-81) and Tamiya RAF Ocean Grey (XF-82) for camo on upper surfaces. Various Humbrol enamels for cockpit instrument panels. Various oil paints for seat cushions.

Weathering: Flory Dark dirt wash for panel lines and surface grime. India ink wash for wheels. AK Interactive Fuel Stains & Grime Wash for fuel stains and (you guessed it) grime. Citadel Abaddon Black wash for wheels and wheel wells. Citadel Agrax Earthshade wash for wheel wells. Tamiya Smoke (X-19) for post-shading of under surfaces. Klear used for numerous sealing coats. Humbrol Matt Cote for final matt coat. Citadel Necron Compound (silver to you and me) for dry brushed aluminium wear and tear. Verithin silver pencil for more aluminium wear and tear. MIG absolute chipping solution for chipping on drop tanks.

Verdict: Revell replaced the F.Mk.6 with the FGA.Mk.9 in 2014, so you can't buy this kit any more (through usual channels), but go out and buy yourself an FGA.Mk.9 – it will be the best £28 you spend on a cold war jet! The detailing is excellent, the fit is also excellent and the decal set is fantastic. The only criticism I have of this kit is that there is no sidewall detailing in the cockpit, but that's a minor niggle as you'd hardly see it anyway. Besides you could always get an aftermarket resin pit for it, but saying that the OOB cockpit scrubs up nicely as it is.

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11 responses

  1. Well done Richard.
    Your confidence is definitely there now sir.
    I wish I could say the same for me with some of the builds I have in the stash to do.

  2. Richard,
    I'm just coming back from the Telford show, but I can't help thinking that the coolest model I saw today is your's.
    I had a quick look at your blog and I have two comments on that:

    • Come over to Telford, so I can buy you a beer.
    • Please present your Vulcan here as soon as possible.
  3. Much LIKE!

    great build and paint!

  4. Well, Richard...I'd say you certainly did her justice; outstanding job!

  5. Very nice Richard, one of the best Hunters I've seen. Just enough weathering to make it interesting and realistic. I like it !

  6. You have definitely done that justice. Fantastic build and weathering!

  7. Wonderful build - really looks like a real workhorse! Don't worry about "confidence" - from the looks of this you are ready to tackle anything!

  8. I think most people agree that the Hunter is cool, and, maybe, yours it the coolest!

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