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1/72 Fouga CM-170 Magister

November 11, 2015 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.9K

Another old kit build. The Magister is such a unique bird that I had to build it, but didn't like the NMF or other French livery. Finally ran across the IsraDecal offering of decals for Israeli versions and I was good to go!

The kit fit well - rivet detail a bit heavy but I left it. I used Vallejo acrylics for the 3-color top camo - the green that was recommended came out a bit stark, and I think for my next Israeli build I'll try toning it back a bit with some white.

The decals went on fairly well, except that the stripes on the nose and wing tanks were all individual! Man - was that painstaking!

Nothing extra added except for pilots - these were resin castings of more life-like pilots than the Airfix guys that were in the box. I included a few pics before I shut the canopy as closed canopies don't photograph well.

I didn't weather heavily - panel wash and a bit of post shading - that was about it.

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  1. Grag, whatta Magister! How did you get all them dayglo stripes on the tail? I think it was bits of tape on the original.
    How was Isradecal? That's one I haven't used, Interesting subjects.
    Great camouflage!

    • Luckily for me, the tail decals were a single decal. I did have to cut it to work it around the huge hinges. However, all the other stripes were individual!

      IsraDecal were pretty good. A bit thick, and took some effort to get the ones on the tail to settle into the curve on the forward edge. The rest went down ok.

  2. Saw one of these in person a while back...sleek little jet. I like yours as well (nice job on that base, too).

  3. Always reminded me of a jet sailplane. Used by the Israelis as light attack aircraft, flown by instructors, during the 1967 war.
    Greg, glad to hear it. If those had to be applied singly, I'd fear for your sanity.

  4. Greg, Nice looking model. The airplane itself looks very sleek in design. Your camo looks really nice. good work on this one.

  5. This is a good old Airfix kit the best in this scale until recently
    VALOM Come to Market However, the new Special Hobby/MpM
    the over all in 1/72 scale in new standard.
    Nice build and paint in izrael markings im like IDF is
    my specialty.
    but I forgot to purchase ISRA Fouga decals.

    Greg,K what you gonna do with the rest of the decals
    I'm interested in.


  6. That looks great! That's one of my favorite planes in one of my favorite schemes.

  7. It really looks great, you did a good job in this old Airfix.
    I agree with P.K. Valon or Special Hobby would be my choice.

    Another interesting camo scheme for this plane is for the Brazilian aerobatic squadron, they used this plane for a short period in early 70's. FCM Decal has the markings for it.
    BTW! It's hard to believe you brush paint your models, I don't have that skill.

  8. Heller had a nice 1/72nd one, also. They are no longer in business, but their products can probably be found various places.
    Several aerobatic teams used the Magister, Patrouille de France, Belgian Ruide Duivels, Irish Air Corps. Max decals has a nice 72nd sheet with lots of possibilities.

  9. Interesting model, Greg, and well up to your usual standard.

  10. Looks great, Greg. The camo, too. I think Israeli camos are amongst the most beautiful - but then it's personal view - . Heller kits are really sweet, you cannot resist building them. The heavy riveting, though out of scale, is - again in my view - very acceptable and adds to the illusion created by the model to look "real". Cockpit is super. Pilots are outstanding.
    All the best!

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