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Airfix 1/48 Blenhiem

Just finished taking the photos for my latest build, this one is for Model Airplane International. Its the Airfix 1/48 Blenheim built as one of 25 Squadrons AI (radar) equipped fighters from the summer of 1940. It will be in the magazine [...]

Airfix Defiant Mk.I, 1/48. 'The Daytime Daffy'

This 'Daffy' was built during a quick break during training, I didn't have anything in the stash that I thought would be a quick build so I ended up going to the only model shop left in my area and picking this guy up, and then later [...]

Airfix Defiant and Hurricane

Two builds completed this weekend, the Airfix Defiant which will be featured in Model Airplane International Magazine as part of my Battle of Britain series, and the Airfix Hurricane which is a commission build for a regular customer. Both [...]


This is the Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109E kit from the 1970s. I bought this on the secondary market and it had some resin aftermarket interior parts with it. I don’t normally spend the extra money for those, but since they were with the kit [...]

1/48 Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk. I

Here is my take on the Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk. I flown by Sgt. Tadeusz Andruszkow, No. 303 (Polish) Squadron RAF Northolt Engalnd Sept 1940. Overall a nice kit when finished but I had to really fight parts of it- specifically the [...]

Eduard Bf 109E-4, 1/48. 'Emil Over Britain'.

With two Bf 109 kits, I knew one would have to have the classic yellow nose. I also wanted to try the dreaded mottling that made Luftwaffe aircraft so off-putting. Two birds, one stone I thought. This Bf 109E-4 is supposed WNr. 3709, [...]

Eduard Bf 109E-1, 1/48. 'Emil Over France'

I added Eduard's dual-combo 'Adlerangriff' to the stash at the beginning of last year but put off doing it until a few months ago due to the dreaded mottling, which I hadn't tried. I had a few chip aways at the kit in the past, doing the [...]

Review: Josef Priller's BoB Bf-109E-3 (Wingsy 1/48)

The Airplane: The Bf-109E-3 was the first sub-type of Messerschmitt’s fighter to receive the DB 601 engine. Ourside of the powerplant and cooling system, which included radiators under each inboard wing, the airframe of the Bf-109E-3 was [...]

1/72 Airfix new tool RAF Spitfire

After a decidedly unsatisfactory 1/72 Spitfire build three years ago I decided to try my hand again. Fortunately, Airfix has a new tool version of their classic kit, so I was able to compare the two. The kit is really good with the [...]

Eduard Spitfire Mk.Ia, 1/48. A Pair of Kiwis over Dunkirk.

'the airspeed indicator read 240 mph, and I thought "this is bloody marvellous!", but then the Spitfire began to shudder and seemed as if it was going to stall. - I realised what had happened, my pitot head had been shot away, [...]