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How to illuminate a model – PLASMO’s 1/48 Trumpeter Douglas DC-3 [VIDEO]

We learned to like and enjoy Plasmo's model construction videos on Youtube, and this one, featuring 1/48 Trumpeter DC-3 in Alaska Airlines livery is no exception. However, I found this video special because it provides a more or less complete g[...]

On This Day…January, 22nd

Lt. Samuel ‘Ted’ Hutchins of Port Charlotte, Florida, climbs out of his Chance-Vought Kingfisher as it is hauled back aboard the USS South Dakota (blow) on January 22nd, 1945. Hutchins rescued Ensign Stark (seen in the rear cockpit) after his [...]

On This Day…January 1st

Bf109 “White 13” of JG 53 pilot, Uffz. Herbert Maxis. On January 1st, 1945 he was hit by AA-fire over Metz airfield as part of ‘Operation Bodenplatte’ and made a perfect belly landing only 200 yards from American AA-positions. There was som[...]

On This Day...December 12th

Amazing photo of Task Group 38.3 entering Ulithi atoll on December 12th, 1944. From foreground to back, the ships are; USS Langley (CV-27) USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) USS Washington (BB-56) USS North Carolina (BB-55) USS South Dakota (BB-57) Uss s[... ]

Airfix 1/72 C-47

So, this is a little out of my wheelhouse, as I build primarily 1/48 postwar jets. The origin of this particular build started off quiet unexpectedly, as is often the case with me. While perusing a thread on a Facebook group (Cold War Modeling)[...]

Film of EDO floats on C-47 1942 from factory

This might be of interest to all. I found this on you tube while researching my water wings build. The film was made by the grandfather of the person who posted it on you tube,Robert W Martens, although my father did retire from the company and [...]

Douglas C 47 B Dakota, A65-78, ARDU RAAF Edinburgh SA 1979.

1/72 Italeri, my first C 47, with Eduard photo etch, finished in Model Master enamels with Roo decals and Future, used by Aircraft Research and Development Unit to check navigation equipment at ADF air bases.

1: 72 Airfix C-47 French Airforce

Airfix's great representation of the C-47 Dakota this time finished as `Franche-Comte' in French Indochina, using Berna decals and using a mix of Vallejo Model Air, Gunze and Citadel paints.

D-Day C-47A of the 94TCS / 439TCG at Devon U.K.

This aircraft was flown by the Group Commander of 94TCS / 438TCG, Colonel C. H. Young. The painting on the nose of the aircraft is of a sailing ship named Argonia. Argonia was the hometown of Colonel Young. I have the utmost respect for the pilo[...]

D-Day C-47 Skytrain

Well, it's 9:15 p.m. Central and I just finished mowing my Dad's yard. Now that work is over, I can contribute to the D-Day build. I know I said I could get this done in two weeks, and I probably could, but a Gloster Javelin, Yak-38, MiG-29, [...]